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Council meeting Monday night. Nelson S. Garlinghouse is a motor man on the Street railway. William Court, of Ypsilanti, has been granted an increase of pension. Dr. D. A. MacLachlan now has telephones at his house and office. Nineteen persons have joined the Dexter Baptist church in the last two weeks. Chicago physicians tender a reception to Drs. Gibbes and Shurley to-day. Mrs. Dr. John Lee, of Dexter, died yesterday morning, aged fortyfour years. Don't forget the mind-reading for the benefit of the gymnasium tomorrow night. J. T. Jacobs & Co. offer great bargains in overcoats. Glance at their advertisement. W. J. Colgrove, railway postal clerk has been promoted and his salary increased to $1,000. H. P. Glover has purchased the interest of C. D. Haines in the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti street railway. The re-organized Ann Arbor Agricultural Company have been given formal possession of the Agricultural works. Judge Harriman and Prof. B. M. Thompson have formed a law partnership under the firm name of Thompson & Harriman. A. E. Dryer has been given a cirtificate as pharmacist by the State Board of Pharmacyand W. R. Bacon one as assistant pharmacist. It is stated on pretty good authority that the position of superintendent of the Ann Arborand Ypsilanti street railway will be given to F. A. Howlett. Charles M. Morton, of Ypsilanti, was elected grandmaster of the second vail by the grand chapter of Royal Arch Masons in Detroit Wednesday. The Courier states the average number of passengers on the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti street railway has been 600 a day, and the Courier ought to know. The old established fire insurance agency of C. H. Millen will be carried on for the present by George W. Millen, whose office will be in the Hamilton block. The Michigan Furniture Company Tuesday evening elected W. D. Harriman, L. Gruner, C. Hiscock, Moses Seabolt, P, Snauble, E. Beal and A. W. Hamilton directors. Edward C. Cornwell, of Ypsilanti,has been granted a patent for a reel, and Joseph Soper, also of Ypsilanti, has obtained a patent for a machine for sewing looped fabrics. Otto Mogk lost three fingers of his right hand while at work at a circular saw in Allmendinger's Piano and Organ Works, Tuesday. His hand come in contact with the saw. Emmett Croarkin, of Dexter, has )een appointed clerk of the insurance committee. of the House at Lansing. This is the committee of which Representative Gregory is chairman. Past Grand High Priest B. F. Watts, L. C. Goodrich, R. H. Cuthert and A. W. Gasser attended the annual meeting of the Grand Chaper, Royal Arch Masons, in Detroit, :his week. The X. Y. Z. Club will give a Grand Prize Masquerade Ball at the Ann Arbor Skating Rink, on Thursday, February 19, 1891, to celebrate Washington's birthday. All are repectfully invited. The disorderly houses in Ypsilanti have been notified to leave that city. The Sentinel says that the women romised to return to Ann Arbor, which must be a mistake, as it would e made too hot for them here. At the home of David Maier, in Northfield, may be seen a Christmas actus with over 200 blossoms. It had 250 buds on at one time Many people have called to see i and been well rewarded by the sight. Adam Gehringer, of Freedom fell into Silver Lake while cutting ice, but was rescued by his son. The ladies' library cleared $ 131.06 by the Ben Hur tableaux. The ex penses were considerable over $300 Mrs. Rachel E. Warn, died at the home of her sister, Mrs. J. V. N Gregory in Lima, Tuesday, of pneumonia, aged sixty-eight years. The board of public works have decided to move the bodies in the old cemetery in the line of Huron street extended to the fifth ward cemetery. Adolph Glatzel was before Justice Butts, Wednesday , charged with stopping three young ladies on State street and greatly frightening them. He paid the costs and was released. A stone four feet in diameter in the Hudson pulp mill, while rapidly revolving burst into several fragments, Tuesday evening, which crashed through the windows with great force. The firm of Harriman & Manly has dissolved, Mayor Manly buying back the entire control of the abstract books. He has leased the room known as the agricultural room, in the court house, and will be found in his office there. Dr. Gatchell opened the safe in Watts' jewelry store while most securely blindfolded, without knowing the combination, performing successfully Bishop's famous mindreading trick. Help the gymnasium by going to hear him to-morrow evening. Next Sunday evening memorial services will be held for Mr. Macy, at the Baptist church. The services will be conducted by the Young People's Society, of which Mr. Macy was president at the time of his death. Rev. J. T. Sunderland will speak next Sunday morning on "Hints and Forgleams of Immortality." Evening subject: "A Visit to Switzerland." Subject in Students' Noon Bible Class: "A Birds-eye View of Hebrew Literature." Fred Frank, the boy who made the murderous attack on young Pierce last f all, has been released on suspended sentence. He is the same lad who several times attempted to break jail. It is to be hoped that he will read less sensational literature hereafter. Next Monday evening, James Kay Applebee, the eminent Shakesperian lecturer, will begin a series of five lectures, at the Unitarian church, on the five great tragedies of Shakespeare. They will be given in the following order: Monday, Romeo and Juliet; Tuesday, Othello; Wednesday, Hamlet; Thursday, Macbeth; Friday, Lear. The Puliman Palace Car Company brought a suit to restrain the Michigan Central and other roads from using the Wagner vestibule trains, claiming an infringement on their patents. Judge Gresham Tuesday decided against the Pullmans, but the question of the original inventor has not yet been decided. From present appearances there will be a full attendance at the Shakespeare lectures to be given by James Kay Applebee, at the Unity Club, the first five evenings of next week. There may be danger of too much enterprise [in selling tickets, considering the size of the church. Those with tickets will have the first chance at seats. Dr. Gatchell will repeat on the stage, in full view of the audience, the mind-reading feats of Washitgton Irving Bishop and other celebrated "mind-readers," at the University Hall, to-morrow evening. Admission will be fifty cents. As the entire proceeds go to the gymnasium fund, those who buy tickets may do so with the assurance that they are simply contributing so much to this worthy object. The performance begins promptly at eight o'clock. Ypsilanti has increased her police force by one additional man George Kishlar is the new officer. Henry Mensing, the contractor who came here from Tecumseh som months ago and took a large numbe of building contracts, was not in th city yesterday. His creditors were busy getting out attachments and beginning garnishee suits. Quite a number of our business men seem to have accounts against him. The Ann Arbor Fruit and Vinega Company elected directors Wednes day night. The officers and direc tors are: President, Chas. E. Green vice-president, L. Gruner; secretary and treasurer, F. H. Belser directors, in addition to the above three, David Rinsey, Gottlob Luick A. Tucker and George Aprill. The Wolverine Cyclers gave a masquerade social and ball last evening, at the rink. There were delegations from Ypsilanti, Detroit and Port Huron. Supper was served a the restaurant of Henry Frank at 12 o'clock. Music was furnished by the melodious Chequamegons. There were about three hundred in masque There was a dense crowd of spectators. It was a very successful and enjoyable affair.