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Springfield, 111., Jau. 15.- In thesenate Wednesuay the house joint resolution instructing the senators on the silver question was read. Karraker introduced a resolution fora comrnittee to inquire whether the ex-state treasurer had profited by the interest on public funds deposited in baiiks; referred. A bilí w.s introduced to protect union cigarikers' la bels. Berry introduced an amendment to the school bill requiring the comnion branches to be taught in the English language, and Higbee introduced a bill giviug cities and towns exclusive control of their schools. The most interesting incident in the house was the demand of Taubeneck for a committee to investígate a report that he had at one time been charged before the courts with criminality. lt was a newspaper story. A committee was appointed counposed exclusively of Democrats and Alliance men - Rarnsey of Clinton, Knslow, Curtiss, Moore and Cockrell. Little other business was done and the house adjourned. Springfield, Hls., Jan. 16. - In the senate Thursday Senator Shumway introduced a bill t3 correct corrupt practices at electious by providing a penalty for bribery and compelling all candidates to render to the county clerk a sworn statement of all their expenditures during the campaign. Voting for United States senator was made the special order for next Tuesday at 10:15 o'clock by a party vote of 27 to 24. In the house the report of the joint committee on rules was submitted and unanimously adopted. Springfield, 111., Jan. 17.- There were no startling developments of the political political situation yesterday. In the senate a bill was introduced to pay a bounty of 3 cents for each corpse of an English sparrow. Thegovernorsentin a list of fiftynine appointments which he wants confirmed. The seuate adjourned to Monday at 5 p. m. The house was ouly in session a very short time but a number of bilis were ealendared. The most important were the following: Authorizing animal examinations of private banks, and requiring of them seini-anuual reports to the state auditor, with heavy penalties for disregard of the law; prescribiug the charges for berths in sleeping cars - SI for a single berth, ê2 for a section, and 43 for a stateraom; making the maximum rate of interest 6 per cent.; providing for theelectionof Bailway commissiouers; providing for examination oi mine managers and pit bosses; a bill to give women the right to vote and hold office in cities, towns, and villages. Woaldn't Tliank the President. There was one interesting feature of the session. Wilke ofïered a resolution thanking President Harrison for the prompt and efficiënt manner in which he has carried ont the legislation of congress in behalf of the exposition, and expressing renewal of confidence in the present management of the fair. The Democrats began raak ing objections. Dixon, the leader, movsd that it be referred to the fish and game committee, and Wiwi wanted it to go to the committee on charities. John Kddy asked to have it sent to the committee on federal relations, but agreed to vote for it if the first resolution referring to the president was stricken out. This theauthor would not consent to have done, and tha resolution was sent to the federal relations committee. The house adjourned to Monday. The senate was not in session more t han fifteen minutes Monday, and no important business was done. The house did nothing except quarrel for a time over the journal record of the disposition of the Harrison resolution Friday, but the matter was jiostponed until to-day. Both houses adjourued until this morniug. Spp.ingfield, Hls., Jan. 20.- The senate vóte on the first ballot for United States senator is as follows: Oglesby 27, Palmer 24. The senate then adjourned. The vote in the house resulted: Palmer 77, Oglesby 73, Streeter, (Alliance) 3. Spp.rNGFlELD, Hls., Jan. 21. - Thetrouble over the Harrisou resolution was settledby the house yesterday. lt was claimed that one more Democrat was recorded than voted, and this claim was substantiated. A new vote was taken, but it made no difterence ia the disposition of the resolution. Bills were introduced making it unlawful for non-veterans to wear 6. A. R. badges; prohibiting members of the legislatura from acting for corporations; appropriating $400,000 for a new insane. hospital; resolution for an amendment to the constitution of the United States providing for the election of senators by popular vote.