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Chicago Streets Unsafe

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Chicago, Jan. 19.- Three explosiona of gas chat shook the earth for several blocks around Jackson street and Wabash avenue took place at, 3:30 o'clock Saturday afternoon. The flying pieces of iron and a hail-storm of crashing glass dealt death and injury. The killed and maimed are: Mvs. Ross, colored, instantly killed; F. Sheldon, scalp wound; L. H. ilaack, eut on hands and face; Jesse Brown, face cut and head aruised; Alonzo Porter, 4yearsold. bruised about the head and breast. Cause of the Disaster. The explosión carne from the manholes of the conduits contamine; the eiectric ight vrires. The flrst explosión took place on Jackson street, just east of State, folowed by an intermission of but a few leconds by a more violent one west of the ïrossing at Wabash avenue, and a still Dore violent concussiou east of Wabash nvenue. The cause was bad insulation of ;he wires and leaking gas pipes, and the 'orce was such that the heavy tops of ;he manholes were broken iuto pieces. All the pi ate glass in th'e windows near was broken iuto bits, and the shower of jlass cut a numberof people slightly. Awlul I'"atc of Mr. Ross. Mrs. Ross was just croeaing Jackson street, leiding little Alonzo Porter, when ,he explosión at that corner occurred. A Tagment of the man-hole cover struck ïer on the temple, and plowed its way ;hrough her skull, cutting tlie top of her lead olï and emptying it of her brains, which werc scattered on the roadway where she feil. Her frightful fate was witnessed by hnmlreds. A physician gathered up the brains and the body was taken to the undertuker's. A policeu'au bad ust stepped off one man-hole cover when ihe explosión took place.