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Why Not Call Out The Troops?

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We should like to have the thinking republicans - and there are a good many of them in private life - think of the things that are now going on in several state capitals. In Connecticut the democratie candidate for governor had, beyond dispute even by republicans, more than 3,000 votes more than the republican candidate had, and on the face of the returns he has more votes than all his competitors, and yet the republican branch of the legislature is keeping him out of his office until the governor de facto assumes to say that the time within which he could be declared elected has expired,and that he, the old governor, has a right to hold the office another year. In Nebraska the republican governor assumed to decide that the democratie governor-elect, who had the greater number of votes, and who had been declared elected, was not eligible, and Governor Thayer attempted to retain his office by the aid of state troops. In the Colorado legislature the members are engaged in resisting each other by physical violence. In New Hampshire the democrats had a majority of the unquestionably qualified members. Besides these there were two groups of claimants under different laws. One man, a mere clerk of the last legislature, surrounded by policemen, with revolvers in their hands, assumed to constitute the legislature, by enrolling the names of the republican group of claimants, and omitting the names of fhe democratie group of claimants. The New Hampshire legislature, as it is now constituted, was elected, not by the people, but by Clerk Jewett and a lot of armed pólice officers. Now suppose these things were done in Southern states, and the doers of these violent and usurpatory acts had been democrats, would not Senator Hoar and the New York Tribune have rent the atmosphere with their discordant yells that the federal power ought to put the republicans, in each of these cases, in power, under that provisión of the constitution which guarantees each state a "republican form