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Nelson Taylor, of Milan,has been granted a pension. M. Staebler sold two portable saw milis in one day recently. Bishop Garrett preached in St. Paul's church, Detroit, Sunday. Rev. Mr. Dickie, of Detroit, filled the Presbyterian pulpit last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thompson, of Toledo, have been visiting at Chauncey Orcutt's. There was a real lively runaway on Huron street Saturday, which resulted in a smashed buggy. Rev. J. M. Gelston preached in the Second avenue, Detroit, Presbyterian church, Sunday evening. A new floor is being put in the clerk's office. The old flooring is of ash and has been wearing out. Judge Kinne has refused to grant the motion for a new trial in the Tolbert Lumber Co. vs. Burke case. The fire department Friday evening put out a fire in the wood-shed back of Behr's, on South Main street. Mrs. C. R. Blodgett and baby, Vesta, returned from a five weeks' visit among Eaton Rapids friends last Saturday. The ladies of St. Andrew's church will give a tea social in Harris hall next Thursday evening at six o'clock, Everyone is invited to attend. Bishop Garrett will deliver the sermón in St. Andrew's church next Sunday morning, and will continue his courses of lectures in the evening. The Ann Arbor choir will render their Christmas music at the lecture of Rev. Fr. Dowling, in St. Joseph's church, Dexter, to-morrow evening. The funeral of Mrs. Dr. Lee was held in St. James' church. Dexter, Saturday, Rev. Mr. Tatlock officiating. It was one of the largest funerals ever held in the county. The Ladies' Society of the Zion Lutheran church have elected Mrs. F. Rettich, sr., president; Mrs. F. Schmid, vice-president; Mrs. C. Mack, treasurer; and Mrs. John Walz, trustee. "Bodie" Ames was arrested Friday for throwing a stone at Sam Shaffer, door-keeper at the masquerade Thursday night. The stone cut a gash in Shaffer's forehead. Ames is out on bail to appear for trial. The day of prayer for colleges occurs on ,Thursday of this week. President Angelí will take charge of the meeting next Thursday evening in the University chapel and the pastors of the churches are invited to take part. An Ann Arbor chap got into jail by stealing a snow shovel worth 35 cents. He should rather have been sent to an insane asylum. Steal a snow shovel this winter! Snow sound minded man who would do that. - Adrián Press. H. W. Newkirk, formerly of this city, has sold the Luther Enterprise to F. M. Pool, of Sandusky, Ohio. Mr. Newkirk will devote himself te his law business. The Algonquin club give their second hop this year at Armory hall, Friday evening, February 6. As their first hop was a very enjoyable one, and every arrangement has been made for a pleasant time, the second hop will undoubtedly score a great success. Rev. Arthur Covell, of Flint, occupied the Congregational pulpit Sunday, in exchange with Rev. Mr. Bradshaw, and preached an able sermón. He is a gradúate of the University, was president of the Students Christian Association four years ago and is a young minister of much promise. Turnkey P. McCabe arrested George W. Parker and John Bell near Andrés' ice house, Friday, for stealing two overcoats from Sanders' clothing store, in Ypsilanti. The two men were tramps. The overcoats were identified and Justice Bogardus, of Ypsilanti, remanded them to jail in default of bail. The following officers were installed at Washtenaw Lodge No. 9, I. O. O. F., last Friday evening: N. G., C. F. Jones; V. G., L. Curtis; P. S., J. Feiner; R. S., A. V. Avery; Treas., M. Staebler; Warden, G. H. Winslow; C, E. Elmer; I. G., H. E. Hoffman; O. G., C. Soure; R. S. N. G., H. C. Clark; L. S. N. G., J. Sprague; R. S. V. G., C. Krapf; L. S. V. G., J. D. Vanee; R. S. S., J. Johnson; L. S. S., H. Krapf; committee on fïnance, H. Clark, C. Krapf, C. Schneider; committee on correspondence, A. V. Avery, C. Schlemmer, F. Weinburgh. Stereopticon views of the famous Passion Play will be given in the audience room of the Congregational church next Tuesday evening, February $d. There are few intelligent people who haven't heard or read something about the Passion Play, which, since 1821, has been produced every tenth year at Oberammergau, but there are comparatively few in this country who have been able to witness its presentation there. This entertainment will give one a very fair idea of the original play. About thirty views will be given, for a clear understanding of which short descriptions will be read, and appropriate music rendered. Tickets twenty-five cents. On the trip of the motor train to Ann Arbor last Saturday afternoon, when the stop was made at Carpenter's Corners, the venerable Horace Carpenter came aboard, to return to his home at Ann Arbor. He had been out to his old home for the first time since the road was built, and had the novel sight of a train of cars stopping at Carpenter's Corners to receive and discharge passengers. In May, 1826, Mr. Carpenter purchased that land from the United States, when all this región was a wilderness, inhabited by wild beasts and Indians. Two or three buildings marked the infant settlement where this city now is. The Motor Line cars were not running at that time, but Mr. Carpenter was a nimble young man of 20 years, and did not need them as he does now at 85, though he is still well preserved. He has resided in Ann Arbor since his election to the County Clerk's office in 1862. - Ypsilantian.