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A Valuable Addition To The Library

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In 1888 Mr. B. F. Stevens, of London, began the publication of an extraordinary work. It is entitled: "A Series of Fac-similies of the Manuscripts relating to America f rom 1763 to 1783, in the Archives of England, Frartce, Holland, and Spain." It should be added that the work will not include manuscripts that have been printed, or those for the printing of which arrangements have already been made. The fac-similies are photographic, and therefore perfect reproductions of the originĂ¡is in' all respects. The work will be issued in groups of five volumes, costing $25.00 per vol.,or for a complete group $100.00. The importance of the work to students of history made it exceedingly desirable that a copy should come to the University Library. The demands upon the regular library fund for books needed immediately by the departments of instruction, were too great to permit of the purchase of the work from that source. Circulars,descriptive of the enterprise, were sent in a suggestive ivay to several persons who were known to possess a friendly spirit, and whom fortune had favored. One of these, C. M. Burton, Esq., of Detroit, a member of the class of '73, responded immediately and most cordially, saying that he had at once on receipt of the circular, written Mr. Stevens to forward a copy of the first group, which has just been completed, to the library. The parcel containing the volumes was received here last Monday, and on Wednesday -evening Mr. Burton, accompanied by some friends, came out and opened it. Mr. Stevens has done his work admirably. The student has before him, to examine at his leisure, documents that to glance at even, in the originĂ¡is, would cost him time, money, influence and no little annoyance - if permitted to see them at all. It is expected by Mr. Stevens that the work will extend to twenty groups, or 100 volumes. Mr. Burton is already known to readers of the Argus as the donor of a set of the " Chronicles and Memorials of