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The Seasick Tot

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Here is a veritable sea yarn of a lovely little 4-year-old girl. She was on board a steamer, the sea was high and the vessel rolled a good deal. "Mamma" was sick, brother and sister were sick, the poor nurse was thoronghly nauseated, and the 4-year-old did not feel well herself. She did not know why it was, but she persisted in walking, and she made the nurse walk, holding her hand until she was ready to drop. Finnlly the disgnsted little one cried ont, "Oh, Letty, let's go!" "Go where, my dear?" "Oh, go somewhere. I don't caro where, if thereis only a parement." - Bufïalo Commercial. The difference between kiiowing how and not knowing how is remarkable in the getting up of public meetings. Tha novice always mak es a mess of it. He is not sure of lus speakers; he does not know how to get his andience together, or to amuse it when he has got it. The expert, on the other hand, has all the pointe covered, and makes the thing go off with a snap. In the United States the speed of trains varíes so much on different railwaya, and in different parts of the country, that it is praetically impossible to strike an average. , Thirty to forty miles an honr is rogardod as a very good rato, but a speed of from sixty to seventy-five miles an hour is of ten attained by fast trains under special circumstances. Many of the Germans are accustomed to boil their milk as soon as they receive it in the morning. This is an exceDent example of hygienic prudence which vrould bo well for all to follow. Most of tha province of Uralsk, in southeastem Riissia, baving an area of 141,174 square miles, and a population of over 500,000, ia bslow sea level. Both i:i the house and senato black is the predoininating color of the clothes of the mornbars. and two out of three of the PHtioe Albcrt coats.


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