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Lansixg, Jlich., Jan. 34.- The senate yielded yesterday to the demamls of the house for a recess of ouly five days, and in the evening the legislatura adjoiirned until next Wednesday night. ïhe visiting committees appoiuted to visit the public iustitutions have scattered to the four corners of the state, and the next few days will be exceedingly lively for them. Not only will they thoroughly overhaul the state institutions from cellar to garret, but they must also investígate the expediency of combining the numerous boards of management into four or flve general boards to have charge of all the institutions as proposed by Governor Winans in nis message. l'ioposiii to Close a School. Just before adjournment of the house a resolution was adopted specifying that the miniug school had received appropriations amounting to $220,000 in the last fout years, and had graduated twenty pupils at a cost of $11,000 each, and instructing the committee to determine whether it would not be advisable to close up the school. ïhe board of agricultura has appointed Dr. Arthur Blackstein, of Baltimore, as state bacteriologist at an $1,800 salary to investígate lumpy jaw and tuberculosis.