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The Work Of The Board Of Public Works

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The Board of Public Works made he following report to the Common Council last evening: We do hereby submit our annual eport as made by our street commissioner. Appropriation made for building idewalk on Fountain street $60.00. Expended $66.64. Appropriation for the extensión of First street, from Miller avenue o North street, $175.00. Expended S164.52. Appropriated for building culvert on Seventh street, $450. Expended $462. Appropriated for coping and gradng on North University avenue 8350. Expended $319.93. Appropriated for changing the water course of North University avenue, $125. With this nothing las been done. Appropriated for North] Fourth avenue $75. Expended $82, received for stone and dirt $24. Total cost $58. Appropriated for North Fifth avenue, $500. Expended $560.47, received for stone of Saddler & Clark, $75, John Chutiany for stone and dirt $34, Jacob Hertenen $22.50. Total amount paid out, $428,97- Appropriated for Seventh street #250. Expended $267.22. Appropriated for Washtenaw avenue $100. Expended $84.39. Appropriated for Fourth avenue, corner of William street, $200. Expended $186.83. Appropriated for West Huron street $250. Expended $265.45. Respectfully submitted Board of Public Works. Jas. R. Bach, Clerk. This was accompanied with a detailed report of the $5,703.27 paid out for labor, expended in the various wards asfollows: First ward, $461.83; second ward, $634.84 third ward, $484.61; fourth ward; $1,050.79; fifth ward, $311.95; sixth ward, $408,64; park, $43.72; surveying, #694.19 and miscellaneous, $1,612.70. The miscellaneous work was cutting weeds and doek, cleaning streets and remöving rubbish, cleaning crossings and remöving dirt, laying out sidewalks and lawns, posting up signs, sprinkling streets and trees, trimming trees, repairing sidewalks, lowering trees, drawing sod and dirt to court house, raking court house lawn, digging out drains, making snow plows, taking down booths, lowering water pipe, cleaning snow off sidewalks and lowering sidewalks.


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