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Surely no one who heard Miss Vernona Jarbeau last season has forgotten that wonderfully versatile little woman and her excellent company. We take. pleasure in announcing that she will again be seen at the Opera House, next Thursday evening, Feb. 5. Miss Vernona Jarbeau, in " Starlight," is an actress of note. She is the personification of motion, ever changing, surprising, alluring. The grace of action is in her head, in the arching of her neck, in the movement of her limbs, in the pose of her body, in the pucker of her Ups, the glance of her eyes, the witchery of her tones, in the archness, friskiness, pertness, the inimitable style of her being. With vocal attainments of high order, with facial beauty, a handsome woman, she possesses the chic that would set all Paris wild with delight, and that popularized her in every city she has appeared. She has equally the insoauiance and bewitching artlessness of the Italian peasant girl warbling spontaneously rustic melodies at the " Spur of Vesuvius." The exquisite grace of the French grisette singing " Pi Ouit," the saucy Spanish seƱorita dancing with castanets and undulating movements, and the topical singer, archly and roguishly inquiring, at the end of each verse, satirizing some popular folly, "That's enough, don't you think?" Miss Jarbeau's versatility is sufficient in itself, with such a character as Starlight, to hold the audience, but she surrounded herself with a company seldom seen in musical comedies.