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Republicans And "a Pure Ballot Box."

Republicans And "a Pure Ballot Box." image
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Mr. Platt has been re-elected to the senate. For years he and Gen. Hawley, republicans, have been the senators from Connecticut, which has, year after year, cast more democratie votes than republican votes. The majority does not rule in Connecticut, and it will never be permitted to rule so long as the republicans can keep themselves intrenched behind an apportionment which gives the control of the state to the minority and is intended to do it. In the present Connecticut lature the democratie members represent 195,840 voters, while the republican members represent only 73,144 voters. Yet the republican members have a majority in the lower branch and on joint ballot. In 1888 the democrats had only seven of the 24 state senators, and yet they represent very nearly one-half the vote of the state. In the lower branch of the present legislature the towns represented by 117 democratie members cast 92,235 votes, while the towns represented by 133 republican members cast only 42,019. Here is a republican majority in the house of 16 and a democratie majority among the people of 50,216. And yet Senators Platt and Hawley, who know they would not be in the senate if the majority ruled, are anxious to pass the force bill on the pretended ground that majorities are not allowed to rule in the southern states. The republicanspersistently defeat the will of the majority in Connecticut. They keep two republicans in the senate from Rhode Island, which is a democratie state. They have been able for years to keep two republicans in the senate from New York, although the democrats are in a majority in the state. They have Ijust stolen one of the New Hampshire senatorial seats. Last year they burglarized Montana and stole two senatorial seats. This year they gave the privileges of statehood to the mining camps and cattle ranges of Idaho and Wyoming in order to pack the senate with four more republicans. They admitted Idaho with a constitutional provisiĆ³n denying the right to vote on accoun' of religious belief, because the Mormons there are democrats. They admitted Wyoming with a constitutional provisiĆ³n allowing women to vote, because the Mormons there are republicans. When the republicans ask to be made tbe custodians of the ballot box, they recall the fox who wantec to be appointed doorkeeper of the hen-coop.- -National Democrat.