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Tlie business of the theatrical presa agenta has beeu so annoyingly overdone in this city that the boomers are under taboo in the newspaper offices, and the critics of several of the greater journala deny themselves absolutely to these viaitors. When it is considered that, even af ter the destruction by flre of the Fifth Avenue, we have thirty-five dramatic theatres ia New York and the suburbs, besides alniost as many more variety shows, concert halls and other places of amusement, it is clear that the smaĆ¼ army of stal wart boomers would become intolerable if permitted. The consequence is that most of the local managers have abandoned the practice of sending solicitors to the newspaper offices, bnt instead mail the particulars of their plans and such other matter as they wish to have published. This material is treated differently by the dramatic editora, according to tha nsagea of the varicms offices. The situation is sometimos a puzzle to the prees agenta of the traveling companies that come into town. The majority of these energetic gentlemen intermit their labors largely upon being informed that they are likely to do more harm than good, but the minority do not take a vacation so lazily. Coe of these workers has this week poetieed his usually prosaic efforts. He has sent to each important journal an original and exclusive poem in praise of an actress who employs hinx. The verses are smoothly rhymed and metred and they eitol the lady's beauty and ability with all the enthusiasm of a knight of old exuberant over his lad)love. None of these eff usions, however.


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