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Manicuring In Society

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"One of the dislikes of the girl of the period is niawkishness," said a inatron. "She won't let her most favored wooex hug her, unless the embrace has the excuse of a waltz. He can't sit and idly hold her hand, as her father doubtless did that of her inother duriug the still Bmall hours of old fashioned courtship. But she is curiously inventive of fads that will provide the occasion of putting palm to palm. Fortune telling by readbng the lines of the hand served the purpose for a year or two, but palmistry is Buddenly obsolete. The newer device is to manicure your lover's nails. The tools of this pastime are of ten exquisito, and the girl is bewitcbingly def t in uaing thein; but I have obseryed that no mechanical clamp has displaced the hands of the fair operator in holding the fingers of tbe f ello w whoao nails are being ped and


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