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or tbs FIHKSS' l HMBSt' W - AT - A:Ni ARBOR, MICHIGAN, at the close of business, OCTOBEn 2nd, 1890 RESOURCES. Loans and disccrants $21?, 703 38 Stocks, bond, inortgages, etc 75,fr81 66 Over raft 2,073 25 Dne f Kin bank in res?rre cuie 25.H79 IS Due froui WashienawCo 17,5 5 SI Bülain tr.Dpii 2,918 7 Furniture and fixiures. 3,0) 0 00 Ciment expensts and taxes paid 961 5f Inlerestpaid 1,19026 Cbecks and cash iti-ms 626 19 Nickels and pennies 160 09 Gold 6A38 4 Silver 1.267 4 U. 8. and Nati. 'nal Bank note 18,133 00 Total $368,917 9T LIA1SILITIES. Capital stock paid in $ 5,000 () SurpluB fund 10,000 W Dudivlded protit.i ,048 Vt Commercial dep.mW 25',224 1T Siving depoits 41,797 Kt Due lu banks and banken 847 74 Totl $368,917 f STATE OF MICHIGAN, I se Counly of Vrashtenaw. I, Frxieriek II. Rolser, Cnahier cf the above namfr] bank, do rolemnly eivr ar th;it the above statement is true tu the best oí my knowledge and li o u f. F. H. Bblsek, Oashier. Subscribed aiid swurn to before iue ihiselcventh day of October, IS9J. Wm. W. Whbdon, Nolury Public. Correct- Attest : Chas. E. Grekne,) .Tdnids E. TiiiAL, J-Directors. Heubbn' Kbmpf, J