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Of New York. the well kuown ani supoessful Specialist In Chronic Diseases and Diseases of the Kyp. and Ear, hy request of inany frtende and parii-nrs, h is deoided t) visit ANN AKHOK, THURSDAY, FEBRÜAEY 12th, 1891 Consultation and Examhiation free an.i ovnlldentfal in his parlors -.1? THE OOOE X3:O"CTSE3, f rom 9 ü. in. to 5 p. rr . ötrc In onlv. PETJTH OF THE rEOTri=EiT'X' 1SEDIOAL aoisi' NEW YORK CITY, Ably asisted by a full corps of competent physicians and surgcons, treats wit1! unparalleled success a," TAronic, Iervous, Skin and Biood d iseases of evtry nature upon the latest scientuu principies, lie pirtic llarly invites all whosc cases have been neglected, badly treaied or pronounced incurable, j atien-s who at ,oing well under the care of their own physicians need not cali on us, asour pruvmce i to treal those wfc uimot find relief otherwise. Io money required oi responsible parlies to commcriL'; ireatDii i. Comman Scnse as Applied to medicine. Itiswell known hy all intelligent observa hat i: i;; impussible for any person, no matter how highly endowt-i by nature o: acquitcments, to bscom horoughly conversant with all the divisions of the science of medicine. Nearly all who h.vr obained di inction in medicine have made some special department their Hfe work. being fittecl thcrefov by natural adaj on ar selection, special education and experience. The doctor having devoted sevcil years to the specie tudy of chronic diseases in hospitals and general practice, and having the most recent and improved mstrq aents for finding out diseased conditions in the organs of the body, he preposes to devote the whole of hj ime to the practice of these specialties. He adopts the following plan, which is peculiar to the large hospitals, and is not and rever has been tij iractice of country doctors, viz.: He carefully notes the symptoms of the patiënt, ascertains the conditionl he internal organs, examines the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat by the most recent and appioved instrument ind methods, all of which he carefully records in his register for 'future refrience. Jn this way he ascertarj he truc nature of the disease and its cause. Knowing the discase, he knows the changes it produces in tn issues, and, knowing the changes, he checks them with specific remedie;, and p:yce his patiënt on the hid oad to recovery. Whn sick people consult him he readily tells them wheihcr he can cure or help themt f they are bcyond hope. . Tc examinations are in accordance with anatomical and physical science, as he will convince the mdf keptical. By an examination he will convince anyone of the nature and c.xtent of die.ise, amount of dangè o hfe, and chance of a perfect cure. Believing that science is trulh and "truth is mighty and will prevalí hen known, and knowing that disease can be cured with positive certainty, he invites the afflicted to ca .nd receive advice free and be cured of their diseases. There is no subject that requires so much study and experience as the treatment and cure of chronic dis :asï. The astonishing success and remarkable cures performed by him is due to a tlioiough knowledge; he structure and functions of the human system, and the cure of diseases by natural remedies Let thoj tven up by others cali for examination. He has successfully treated the following diseases since his arrivi nthisState: Eye and Ear diseases, Chronic Diarrhoea, Chronic lnflammation of the Womb, Chronic Inflan nation of the Bladder, Painful or Irregular Menstruation, FeverSores and Ulcers, Incontinenre of Urine, Tar. Vorms, Crooked Limbs and Enlarged Joints, Spinal Curvatures, Club Foot, Hip Joint Disease, White Swcl ng, Discharging Abscesses, Sterility or Barrenness, Nervousness and General Debility, Impotency, Dbeasesi he Kidneys ana Bladder, Leucorrhea or Whites, Blotcbes, Pimples, Skin L'iseases, Dyspepsia, Constipatioi Dropsy, Cáncer, Epileptic Fits, Erysipelas, Gravel, Goitre, Gleet, Gonorrhoea, Hydrocele, Heart Diseas icadache, Piles, Hystena, Syphillis, St. Vitus Dance, Chronic Dysentery, Enlarged Tonsils, Fístula in An lerniaorRupture, Ovarían Tumors, Paralysís, Prolapsus Uteri, Uroiichitis, Asthma, Catarrh, ScrofuL onsumption, Chronic Cough, Fcmale Wcakness, Spermatorrhoea, Rhcumatism, etc. All surgical operi ions performed. Curins of Piles guaranteed. Will give ' jPrivateöiseases.- Biood Poison, Syp! '1,000 for any case of failure. No money required illis, Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Stricture, Hydrocele, Vano f responsible partíes. cele, Loss of Sexual Power and all diseases of the ge: # YoutlKT Men who through. ignorance or the ito-uiinary organs speedily and permancmly curei aieless exuberance of youthful spirits, have been No r.sks incurred. Consultation free and strict} infortunate and find themselves in danger of losing confidenlial. Medicine sent iree from observationl heirhealth and embittenng their aftcr hvesmay eall all parts of the United States. a vith full confidenc . Tl DR. FRl'TH-Has attained the most . Miadle Aged Men, who find th vonderful success in the treatment oi the cases to V18or ancl v"amy weakened by the traces of o] ! vhichhedevoteshisspecialattention. Afteryearsof complaints and their bodies rackcd with pain at ixpenence he has discovered the most infalhble !imc when 'hcy should spend their dechning yea, nethodofcunng weakness in the back and limbs, in peace and comfort, should consult Dr. Fruth , nvoluntary discharges, impotency, general debility, once and f'ni' the sympathy and relief you positivel lervousii ss, languor, confusión of ideas, palpuation require. His cures are thorough and permanent, ( f the hcart, loss of remory, trembling and timidity, Diseases of Women -We shall col iiseasesof the nose, throat and lungs, affections of ,;nue as'herc:oforc, lo treat with our best considen ;he Uver, stomach and bowels-those terrible disortion anJ skl, ,h(. BeJlses peculiar to women. Ol, Urs. arising from ithe sohtary habns of youth and opemtions for f istula, Rupturcd Cervix Uteri, Eui .ecret practices, bhghting the most radiant hopes and tured, aI]d for Str.cture of the Cervic! .endenng marnage impossible. Canal, a condition resulting in btcnlity, have beo KpUepsy.or Fits, posmvely cured by a new a;kc both to ourselves and our patients. uid never-failing method. Free Examination of the Urine. Each porson applymg for medical treatment shorf iend or bnng an ounce of th-ir urine, which will receive acareful chemical aucl microscopical examination.1 Remarkable Cures perfected in old cases which have been neglected or unskillftilly treate] Noexperimcnts or iailurc. Parties treated by mail and express, but where possiblc personal consultation pr erred. Curable cases guaranteed. List of questions free Western Address, DAC. FRUTH, I ( Toledo, Ohio., REFERENCES- We, the undersijped, do cheerfully andconscientiously recornmend Dt. Fruthasageti tlrman t f rare professional abilitv, ripe in judgment, humane to a fault, considérate in price and cnihusiasticfl celief of his fellow men, and we therefore urge the afflicted to avail themselves of hls superior skill: - Gra# rille M. Weeks, M. D., L. L. D., President Provident Disptnsary, ÏI. Y.; T. Meredith Maxwell, A. M., Jl D., N. Y , Cwib PoBieroy, M. D., N. Y.; V. M. Davis, M. D-, N. Y.;W È. White, X. D„ Tcronto, Canad i. S. Paxkei, A.. M., M. L., Toledo, O. AUo Ex-GoTenu Foner's Bank, Festona, ühio. ( (