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Woman's Rights In Roumania

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The TToman's rights niovement in Roumania has received a new iinpetus from the recent election of a woman ro the mayoralty of Branesci. Meetings of women are being held all over the country with a view to organizing a woinan'a league for the purpose of booining women for city offices. The aims of the league will be followetl in observance of the fact that, while women are legally eligible to all local offices in Roumania, public opinión and the constitution are against admitting them to parliament and granting them the ballot. The league will, therefore, be an association of women who will merely plan and execute the best means of influencing their husbands and brothers to support other women for municipal elective offices. The headquartera of the league ül be in Bucharest, where tho women have been inspired to strong efforts for "emancipation" by the achievements and fame of their qneen, Carmen Sylva. The female mayor, whose politica! snecess has stirred this agitation, is Mrs. Anna Jonescu, 45 years old, and the mother of three children. She has been a woman's nghts agitator for some time, and, unfortunately, has gathered about her a great crowd of strong minded Roumanian women, who are now tormenting her with loud and numerous demanda for all the offices at her disposal. In fact, their cries for spoils have been so persistent that they have reached the Bars of the minister of the interior and have imperilled the wholo cause of woman's rights in Roumania, for the minister has said that unless this office seeking and the attendant evils cease he will not only refuse to confirm Mrs. Jonescu's election, but will discourage by all lawful means similar candidacies in the future.