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Laksixg, Mieh., Jau. 30.- A grist of startling raiiroad legislation was dumped into the hopper by Representative Jackson, of Detroit, yesterday. He presented bilis repealing the charters of the old Grand River Valley road, operated by the Michigan Central, and the Erie and Kalamazoo raiiroad, operated by the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern, and followed this up by a joint resolution to submit to the vote of the people next spring a proposed amendment to the constitution which will enable the state to buy raüroads outright under certain conditions. All this was followed by a bilí announcing that under the provisions of Act 113, Bession laws of 1846, the state elects to purchase from the Michigan Central oom pany its raiiroad and its property and ef. fects. Keal Purpose of the Bill. The bill makes the governor the purchasing agent, and provides that in case the company and the state cannot agree upon the market value of the stocks of the company, the süpreme court ohall fix the valuation, and within two years the state treasurer shall pay the company the amount due it. The bill conflicts with the constitution as the latter stands at present, and therefore will not be pushed until the proposed amendment is voted upon in the spring. The real intent of the bill is to force the Michigan Central people to give up the special privileges and immunities they enjoy under their charter, and iL this can be accomplished no serious effort will be made to force the state into raiiroad buying. The committee appointed to visit the Kalamazoo asylum for the insane will aak for the appointment of a special commis1 sion to look into alleged abuses of the institution. The committee brought back with them affldavits backed up by verbal statements from citizens and pólice olficers, alleging brutal treatment of patients by attendants, the withholding of needed medical attendance and the starving of violent patients into submission. Lansing, Jan. 31.- The house yesterday ordered an iuvestigation of the affairsand management of the state prison at Jackson, where it is charged the warden and subordínate officials have saddled most of their personal expenses, including cigars and similar incidentals, upoo the state. A full and thorough investigation of the abuses which it is alleged exist in the state asylum for the insane at Kalamazoo was also ordered. These charges were formally presented to the house. The management of the Kalamazoo asylum deny these charges. Lansing, Mich., Feb. 4.- Yesterday Lieutenant Governor Strong announced to the senate the members of joint committee on reapportionment of representativo and congressional districts, consisting of eight Democrats, eight Republicans, and three P. of I.'s. Bills were introduced in the house making an appropriation of 875,300 for the support and improvement of the state public school for the yeBrs 1891-92; appropriating $6,000 for purchase of books for the state library for 1891-92. A joint resolution submitting to the people a constitutional amendment flxing compensation of members of the legislature at 500 per annum and prohibiting the use of free railroad passes. A resolution for the return of all railroad passes held by the members was introduced in the house and unceremoniously tabled. One to pay members for actual attendance upon daily sessions which had been made the special order for 3 p. ni. was buried beyond recall.