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Windom Is Dead

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New York, Jan. 30.- [Bulletin.]- Secre;ary Windom dropped dead immediately ifter finishing his speech at the board of trade banquet last night. NewYoiik, Jan. 30.- The sudden deatb of Secretary of the Treasury Windom while at the dinner of the Board of Trade and Tranportation at Delmonico's last : night caused the immediate adjournraentof that body a few minntes after 1 0 o'clock. The secretary was the flrst speaker of the evening. The dinner, wbich began at 6 o'clock, was, completed shortlyi after 9, and the secretary arose to speak. He tained the diners with a brief but forcible oration, and sat down amidst the loud applause of his auditors. Judge Arnoux then got up and was in the midst of his speech introducing ex-Secretary Bayard, when some one cried: "Look at Secretary Windoin!" Dled at the Banqneting Board. The speech was broken short and every eye was turned in the direction of that gentleman. He had collapsed in his chair and was falling to the floor. His face was ghastly and a cry of horror arose from the late festive revellers. There was an immediate rush on the part of all hamis toward Mr. Windom's chair, but several doctors who were guests at the dinner got there ñrst and drove the others back. They were Drs. S. A. Robinson, Durant, Whitney, Fisher, and Bishop. Dr. Robinson bent down and making a close examination of the prostrate form, discovered that the heart was still beating. By his orders the dying secretary was carried into the dish room adjoining the banqueting hall, and there placed on a table. Messengers were hastily dispatched for electric batteries and as many as four were applied to his body, which was rapidly becoming cold. Tlie Terrible Announcemeot. This was exactly at 10:05 p.m., andforsix minutes the electric shocks were applied incessantly, but without success. At 10:11 p. m. Judge Arnoux came out of the diab. room and announced to the diners that Secretary Windoin, whom they had the pleasure of hearing only a few minutes before, had breathed his last. "He is dead." This was the fearful announcement that was sent through the gaily bedecked banquet hall, around which still hung like a funeral pall the smoke of the after-dinner cigars. "He is deadl" The words went to the heart of every man who heard them. Could they be lieve it? The brilliant orator of a few minutes before, aglow with enthusiasm, predicting his future policy in the treasury, was only a mass of clay. His voice was forever silenced, and his last words were for his country. A Soleiun and Awesome Scène. Every man looked at his neighbor with blanched cheeks. Death, that awful messenger, had descended upon their feast and taken from the crowd one of the nation's chief officers. A silence feil upon the men who were only a few minutes before clamoring for news of Mr. Windom. Judge Arnoux in retiring had announced that Mr. Windom had only fainted, and it was not thought by the outsiders tliat it was as serious as it proved to be. The secretary bad succumbed to an attack oL the heart. He had been for a long time a sufferer from heart disease, and only last Monday was visted by a shock, which, however, passed away without causing him much inconvenience.