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AOI IB 1 UMI OUHIUeSSi I was talking with the sheriff in a eounty seat town in Indiana one day last summei when we saw a ragged and wayworn tramp heading for us acros3 the street. "Hang the fellow!" growJed the sheriff. "He's goii:g to strike me for a quarter, and if he does 111 bounce him out ol town!" The tramp came up, passed the time ol day, asked which was the sheriff, and turned to him with: "I am disgusted and discouraged, and want" "Oh, your sort are always broken up and always wanting," interrupted the official. "I wanted to say that I have dodged around until I am tired of it, and shall feel relieved to" - - "Yes, you look like a dodger! Dodging from one house to another after cold viotoals! We don't want yoa in this town, and the sooner you take the road out of it the better it will be for youl" "I want to give myself up," protested the tramp. "Oh, you do! Want thirty days in jail to rest up and get fat in! Well, we are not doing that sort of business in this county. I'll give you just five minutes to flnd the dirt road leading to Indianapolis!" The man walked away without another word, his countenance wearing a puzzled expression, and in two minutes he was out of si.sht. I met the sheriff in Chicago a week later, aud he at once turned and faced away and said: "Kick me with about 40,000 horse power!" "What ails yoa?" I asked. "Remember the tramp who struck us that day in ?" "yes." "Well, the fellow wanted to give himself up, and I wouldn't let him." "I remember." "And he turns out to be a Missouri robber with a reward of $500 on his head, and these Chicago pĆ³lice nabbed him three days ago!"


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