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Her Recitation

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"Miss Einersonia Osgoodson will now favor tbe coinpany with a recitation," announced the teacher to the frieuds that had assembled in the schoolroom to enjoy the regular Friday afternoon exercises. Little Miss Emersonia stood forth and recited as follows: Coruscate, coruscate, diminutive stellar orbl How inexplicable to me seenis the stupendous problem of thy existence ! Elevated to such an immeasurable distance ia the inimitable depths of space apparently in perpendicular direction from the terraqueous planet we occupy ! Resembling in thy dazzling and unapproachable effulgenee a crystallized carbon gem of surpassing brilliancy and impenetrability glittering in the ethereal vault whose boundless immensity wa endeavor to bring within tbe compass of the human intellectual grasp by the use of the concreta term firmament I When the dear little Boston girl had finished reciting these touching lines in her rapt, soulful Bostonian way and sat down there wasn't a dry spectacle in the room.-