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No. 1. - Crossword Bnigma. In acre. but not in land; In oat, but not in wheat; In man, but not in boy; ín sun, but not iu mooc; In rat, but not in mouse; ín anide, but not in knee; In run, but not in walk; In tea, but not in cofíee; In He, but not in lay; In new, but not in oíd; In over, but not in under; In pie, but not in cake; In lay, but in sit; In ear, and also in nose. My whole is a city in Europe. No. 3. - Illustrated Kubus. No. 3.- Words TVithin a Word. In a word of ten letters, meaning strap osed in a horse's harness, find (without transposition of letters) words ha ving these deflnitions: 1. A near female relative. 2. To injuxe. 3. A place of trade. 4. Cunning. 5. A metal. 6. Síithin. 7. Myself. 8. A strong Wind. 9. An article. 10. A malt liqnor. No. 4. - Numerical Enigma. My whole composed of 27 letters is a proverb. My 18, 1, 19, 16, 10 is an article of food. My 26, 7, 5 is stupid. My 13, 24, 11, 3, 20 is a planet. My 6, 12, 4, 21 is money. My 8, 17, 22, 14 is thin. My 2, 23, 25, 27 are organs of a fish. My, 9, 23, 15 is a title of respect. No. 5. - Decapltation. My WHOLE in milis they do all day; Beheaded, in fruit you pare away; Again, a rich land far away; Curtail my tvhole and this you may do, When anything particularly pleases you. No. 6a- A Doable Metaplasm. Unite the central circles with the three on the right of the right brace, and have successively: 1. "Forward," "brave;" 2. "A place for protecting sbeep;" 3. "Deprived of heat;" 4. "Bartered;" 5. "Informed." Unite the large central circles with the three on the lef t, and have: 1. To cook at a temperature of 213 degrees;" 2. "To thwart;" 3. "Rope folded upon itself;" 4. "Earth;" 5. "Labor." No. 7. - A Diamond. 1. A letter. 3. Did feed. 3. Vales. 4. Inventions. 5. Honeycombed. 6. SoftenIng. 7. Publishing. 8. Establishing. 9. To pain acutely. 10. One of the Siamese Twins. 11. A letter. No. 8. - Enigmatical Names of Citics. [Partly by Sound.] 1. A kind of vegetation that grows in damp places, and a domestic animal. 2. Something that clings closely, and a waterfall. 3. A kind of fruit, and exists. 4. An organ of the body, and a small body of water. 5. A preposition, and fowls. 6. An imperfection, and lacerations. 7. The cry of an animal, and a measure. 8. A harbor, and to go ashore. 9. To settle, a pronoun, and to bito off. 10. A person, and the given name of an ex-president. Figuriiig Tliat Failed. "Now, father," said a hopeful son, "Suppose I prove to you That you've three horses plowing there Instead of only two?" "Well, I'd be pleased," his father said, "Because if I had three, My work would be the faster done, Thats very plain to see. "So prove it now, my son, and I One horse wül give to youl" "Well, sir, the gray horse counts for one, The brown horse counts for two, "And as I'm sure you must admit That one and two make three, Tis plain that three are standing there So whieh horse is for me?" 'Til keep the gTay," his father said, "My oíd friend Brownie too; So, if you don't object, my son, The third will be foryour


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