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An amusing SGene might have been witness...

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An amusing SGene might have been witnessed in a Sprinfield, Massachusetts, pólice court, last Thursday. Two ministers, a bank president and a prominent business man were arraigned at the same time with six "drunks." The drunks were fined $$ each and then the ministers and the two other men were fined $2 and costs each for failing to shovel the snow entirely off their walks. One of the ministers had hired a man to clean off his walk and the man had only half done it. While he was hunting for his man, the inspector carne around. But his excuse didn't work. It is safe to assert that for a time at least walks in Springfield will be cleared of snow. It would be well to import a little Springfield justice into this city after snow storms. Perhaps there would be fewer slippery walks. The wool growers' association oí Ontario and Livingston county, New York, havepassed the following resolutions: We, the members erf the Ontario and Livingston sheep-breeders' and wool-growers' association, in convention assembled,most respectfully petition Congress to imraediately place wool and woolen manufactures on the free list, in order that their industries may again thrive and assume that magnitude commensurate with a nation of 63,000,000 of peopie. They have evidently been investigating the history of the tariff on wool and have recognized the paradoxical fact to which the Argus called attention some two years ago, that wool has fallen in price whenever the tariff on it has been increased. This difference is explained by the further fact that when the tariff on wool has been raised, the importation of woolen goods has increased and the domestic manufactures of woolen goods have decreased. All American wool is consumed by home manufacturers. A policy which shuts them out from wool to mix with the American wool decreases their capacity to consume American wool. The history of the wool tariff indicates that in making a tariff schedule, each article must be considered, for a tariff affects articles differently. A tariff on coffee, for instance, raises the price of coffee. So does a tariff on tin píate and a tariff on glass ware. But a tariff on wheat does not affect it at all.