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She Secured The Wrap

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A lady from a western city tells aii aniusing if heartrending tale of a shopping tour in New York, the trip from the west bein undertaken for the sole parpose of suiting herself exactly with an elegiiut fur wrap. Her departure in high spirits was witnessed by friends plnnged in the depths of envy. Af ter a microscopio examination of every wrap in this city she folded the drapery of her old cloth circular around her and silently stole into her home town by a night train. Driving at once to a merchant's residence, she told him as well as her debüitated condition would permit the sort f a wrap upon wbich she had set her heart, and which, she declared, New York did not contain. Her merchant friend telegraphed to this city, the wrap was sent by the first train, and ere she was fairly recuperated from her acquisition of experience she was in possession of the wrap of her dreams, which she had probably tried on no less than six tirnes during the eourse of her rambles and preambles (the latter are quite as exhansting to the salesmen as the former to the shopper). The congratolations of her aoqnaintances npon her beautiful wrap, and their felicitations -npon her good fortune in being able to select it in person, restored her equanimity, but did not oblitérate the memory of what she calla '■Üiat awful week," so that her more recent parchases in this city have been made by mail and telegraph, which do not suffer from nervous prostration. -


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