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Shippers Of Human Skin

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Speaking of weird, uncanny gifts, the other day a pretty girl produced a pair of house slippers, presented her by a yonng medical student friend. They were not so remarkable loolring, but aa she brought them in balanced on the ferrule of her parasol tho company instantly recognized the presence of something ont of the ordinary. Gently dropping the dainty footgear on a rug the owner inyited hpr friends to use theii tmibrellas irec ly in tnrning her low shoes over and exaniiüing every part. They were admirably made, with narrow soles, pointed toes, hih heels and a big monogram, embroidered in silk floss, half way up the instep. The material, a thin, yellowish skin, might have come off almost any animal, bnt was in reality the epidermis of a man. The student had seen it removed, had followed the curing proceas, and, "when iwoperly dressed," had taken it to :i bootmaker for makinc; np. "Of course 111 never wear the horrid things," the girl hastened to assnre her friends; "and, indeed, they are more trouble than they are worth. I'm afraid of them, and eo are all the rest of the family. "We keep them locked up in our spare room ordinarily, but when guests come the raaid and I carry them to the cellar, and while they are down there she refnses to go alone to get coal and screams at every


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