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Deer Stop A Passenger Train

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Who would think that a railroad enine that rested in a round house here I was stopped on its way to Charlotte to ' prevent it from running over two deer i bint, charmed by the big yellow glare from its headlight, stood on the track nd waited until the engine stopped within ten feet of them? Such a thing üd occur. It was on the Carolina Central railroad, and Frank Lewis is the en?ineer who came within an ace of bringing h load of venison to Charlotte. The Charlotte bound passenger train, Capt. George Welsh, conductor, pulled Dut of the depot at Wilmington at the usual time Tuesday evening, made the regular stop at Hüton Bridge, another stop at Cape Fear and Yadkin Valley :rossing, and was jnst getting under way :or Meares Bluff wheu Engineer Lewis 3aw dark object ahead on tho track. He at first thought it was a man, but, as t did not move, he seized tho whistle eord and gave the cattle alanu. The abject grew bigger, but remained motion[ess, and the engineer threw on the brakes. The train elowed up abruptly, and as it Jrew near the object the engineer saw something that astonished him. There, just in front of him, was a big tmck deer with a fine spread of antlers. The buck was standing in the center of the track staring directly into the headlight, and just behind him, standing across the track and looking at the engine over tbe buck's shoulders, was a beautifnl doe. The engine got within ten feet of them when its neamess threw tho rays of the headlight over them, and the moment that occurred they bounded from the track and disappeared in the darkoess. The engineer was almost nnstrong by the novel experience, and he and the fireman talked deer all the way to Charlotte. Had he known what the objects ahead of him were he could have put on steam and bagged a big mess of venison.