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His Wife Is Suspicions

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He was standing in a doorway on Jefferson avenue, and presently he halted a pedestrian with a wave of his hand and beckoned him to ipproach, and said: "How do I look?" "Why, you present a pretty shabby appearance, if you want an honest answer," replied the surprised citizen. "That's good. Shabby refers to my dress. How's my facial appearance?" "Pinched and hungry." "That's excellent. Do I look like a man who had money?" "No." "Would you class meas hard lip and friendless?" "I certainly would." "Thank you. To sum up, you would set me down as a victim of unfortunate circumstance, who couldn't et out of tuis town too fast?" "Thdt's about it." "Thanks. Here is a letter I have written to my wife asking for money to get home. She's a suspiciuus woman, and she won't take my word for it. Please write at the bottom: " 'Attest: It's a durned sight worse than he says it is.' And sign your name." The citizen comaliert. and the letter waa


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