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Before and After Uslng. At one time I had awful Sores and Pimples on my face, and after using two bottles of S. S. S. I was cured, and now have a nice, smooth complexion. James L. Boyle, Atlanta, Ga. My Life a Burden. I was afflicted from infancy with 2!atarrh and with eruptions on my :ace for ten years. I was attended Dy the very best physicians, and tried a number of blood purifiers, without permanent relief. The mineral ingredients settled in my xnes, and caused Rheumatic trouble. My life was a burden to me, and my case was declared incurable, when I saw S. S. S. advertised. Eight bottles cured me entirely, and I feel like a new jerson. Josie Owens, Montpelier, Ohio. Treatise on Blood and SkinDiseases mailed free. SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., Atlanta, Ga. EBERBAuH & Sj ,, AND PHARMACIST8. No. 12 South Main Street ÜEALEKS IN I r-ng, M eciieines, Chemicals, Iye Stufls. Artist's and Wax Flower Materials Toilet Articles, Trusses, Etc. 'lillfi Wmk LldUIIRS SptciU immlion paid totnu turnishinir of Phvsi cians, Chetiists, Kchxls, ctr., with phitosophical nd Chemical Aparatas, Bohemia Chemical Glassw;ire, Porcelain U":irc, P-re Reagents. etc. Phyaicians' Prescri ptimis Carciullv Prepared a A.M hoorn. )AuA November 30, 1890. lubFiiij Lansinff and Northern Hailroad. STATIONS. A.M. P M. P.M. P.M. Lsave Howell Junc... 10:25 4:41 8:ÜO Arr. South Lyon 10:50 5:17 8:51 Plyraouth H:10 5:42 9;14 .... Detroit 11.65 6:3Q! 10:05 .eave Howell Junc... 8:50 12:57 6Ü3 8TÖ4 Arr. Lansiug ! 10:00 2:'i8 7:40 9:30 Grand Ledg-e... 10:30 2:55 8:12 9:55 " LakeOdessa ... 11.10 8:50 " Grand Kapids.. 12:10 9:50 Iouia 11:25 3:50 9:15 P.M Greenville 12 22 4:57 10:12 " Howard Olty... l;00 5:35 Kl.vvi . C -Ulan JfHiinary 4, 1891. UilwgO ana West Michigan Railroaá, STATIONS. A.M. P.M. P H, P. M. Leave Grand Rapids.. 9:00 1:1)0 5:05 8:40 Arr. Holland 9:55 1:40 6:00 9:35 " Grand Haven.. 10:37 3:4' 6:40 10:13 _ Muskegron 11:05 4:20 7:10 10:45 A.M PM. Leave Grand Rapids 7:25 5:05 Arr. Newaytro ï:52 6:32 White üloud 9:15 6:55 nig-Rapi'is 10:1 8:06 Baldwio 10:20 8:15 41 Ludin(rton via p.m. F, &P. M 12:25 l:20 " Alanistee via M. &N. E 12:20 10:00 Traverse City 12:35 10:35 Parlor Cars on all trains between Detroit and Grand Rapids. Rate, 25c tor nny dismnce. Free Chair cars between Grand Rapids and M 'nistee Leave Grand Rupias 5 5 p. u The "Favorites" between Detroi. (5 rand Rapids and all pointe In Western and Northern Michigan. GED. DeHAZEN, General Passenger Agent. gfk f% f n t A ■ ■ l!: ! ' unrterlnke to britflr V jl fltechi.nyr.lrlylmelllïfntI)rtonofetlhr ■ jlll I Mui.r Mialriirllon.will tvork indiulrtooaly, W V U Wliov to mui. 1 1 r.T Thouan4 Dollars a ïearln thcirown lorli!r,wl)ir.-vcrthry llve.l will ttcofumiah tbe Kltusiiin ormjilüyiin-ntjit whkh jouoan eani Ihatamonnt. No monpT for me unleu lunruful ■ abovv. Ksi!y and quickly [rmod 1' tmt on Morker trom eacb diatrict or rnuDty. X have ■treudjr taught and provldcd with cmploymcol a larre 'iambr, who are maklny; over #8000 r vnr trh. IliNEW d SOJLI. Full parUculara FKtli. Addreai at onn,