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Furry Comforts

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They're aliƱos Esquimau ciad these Jays. aren't they? these pretty fashionable wotnen that walk or drive in the strets with fur at the hem of their clinging gowns and long coate or capes of fur, and with their fuir faces peeping aut from their high furry coilars, for all the world like some wonderful sort of Jack-in-the-pulpit. There never was 3uch a season for furs of all kinds, from the long, silky, white fleece of the Angora lamb that liues the snowy opera cloak to tho rich pelt of the seal that goes into the serviceable street coat. would think a very arctic season wero npon the city, women are so ciad about and wrapped to the curls of their foreheads in the fleece of furs. And yon really think, do you, most short sighted creatures, that women are suddenly finding themselves in danger of sudden death from cold, andtherefore they have taken to super-wracDins themselvs in skins? Nay, not so. Woinen have just discovered that there is nothing in all the world that make them look so well as that soft shag of fur about their necks and framing in their faces. It softens sharp outlines, it brings out delicate colorings. It filis out hoilows, it subtracts whole geologie periods from a woman's age. There's the secret of it all. It isn't a fear of pneumonia, it isn't a suddenly increas6d susceptibility to cold - it's because it makes her look better. And surely that's reason enoxigh. It is to yon, good sir, if you are any philosopher of affairs feminine. Por anything that makes a woman look better makes her feel better, and anything that makes her feel better makes her behave better. And so. you see, vou're directlv th aren't


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