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The great success of the Royal Baking Powder is due to the extreme care exercised by its manufacturers to make it entirely pure, uniform in quality, and of the highest leavening power. All the scientific knowledge, care and skill, attained by twenty-five years' practical experience, are contributed toward this end, and no preparation can be made with a greater accuracy, precisión and exactness. Every article used is absolutely pure. Chemists are employed to test the strength of each ingrediënt, so that its exact effect in combination with its co-ingredients is definitely known. Nothing is trusted to chance, and no person is employed in the preparación of the materials used, or the manufacture of the powder, who is not an expert in his particular branch of the business. As a consequence, the' Royal Baking Powder is of the highest grade of excellence, always pure, wholesome and uniform in quality. Each box is exactly like every other, and will retain its power, and produce the same and the highest leavening effect in any climate, at any time. The Government Chemists, after having analyzed all the principal brands in the market, in their reports placed the Royal Baking Powder at the head of the list for strength, purity and wholesomeness; andthousands of tests all over the country have further demonstrated the fact that its qualitics are, in every respect, unrivaled.