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BACH, ABEL & Cö.'S SPECIAXTIES For February BLEACHED COTTON. - All the Best Brands : Pride of the West, Wamsutta, Fruit of the Loom, Lonsdale. and tlie celebrated Langdon 76 and Langdon G. B., Berkeley, Lonsdale and Wamsutta Cambrics. All at the best prices named. UnöleachedCotton.-OniusxiAi iarge stock of the Best Qualities, at Very Low Prices. Wide Sheetings.- Fuii stock of all widths and qualities. We keep the best line, and sell more of these goods than any other establishment in this vicinity. A Splendid Value in IO-4 Bleached Linen Sheeting, at $1.25 per yard, very heavy and fine. Table Linens.-This is the place wherein we are very strong. Extra heavy values in Barnsley Cream Damasks at 40, 50 and 60 cents per yard. Splendid Goods (very wide) at 75c and $1.00 per yard. Beautiful Bleached Damasks.- 65c, 75c and $1.00 per yard. We have control for this city of a line of Patented designs, f rom one of thelargest importers, at $1.25, $1.50, $1.75, $2.00 and $2.25 per yard, with Napkins tQ match. 25 pieces of Turkey Red Damask at 25c, 30c, 40c, and the Best goods made at 50c per yard. .. ■■ . ♦ -- . We have opened a line of Scotch Ginghams, French and American Satines that are very attractive, and f rom ■which we have made numerous sales. 100 pieces of American ,Dress Ginghams at 10 and 12i cents per yard. An early choice gets the best selections. BLACK DRESS FABRIGS. Silk Warp Henriettas and Drap de Almas. All-Wool Henriettas and Drap de Almas. Striped and Black Plaid Satin Berbers. Straight-line Cords and Serges. Brocaded Almas and Wide Wale Diagonals. Sebastopols and Fancy Weaves. This Stock will interest you when in want of a Black Dress. No advance in prices. Black Jersey Jackets.we have open one of the best lines in market, at $5, $7, $8, $9 and $10 each. They are the correct garment for early spring wear. Kid Gwves.- We have the best assortment in the city. Button, Hook and Mosqnetaire, in both Glasee and Suede. All real Kid and every pair warranted. 14 and 20 button length. Gloves for Evening Wear. OldFrice, despite the advanced cost. Special Notice. - We shall continue our Eeduction Sale of Cloaks, Blankets, Platinéis and Knit Underwear, to clean them all out. Low Prices has and is doing the business. All Departments with Full Stocks of Best Goods. Low Prices. Large sales. BACÏÏ, ABEL & CO., 26 S. MAIN STREKT. GEOEGE WAÏÏE THE LARGEST Book and f all Paper DEALER IN THE CITY, Offers for tbeSEASON OF 1891, the Best Selected Stock of WALL PAPiiR ffl wiiüw mm Ever shown in the city. Look at the following Prices before buying: Best White Blanks, 5, 6, 7c Best Flats, 10, 12, 15c Best Gilt Paper, 6, 8, 10c High Class Grade Gilts 12, 15, 18c Fine Decorations, 20, 25, 30c Our Papers are all gruaranteed full length and best stock. In short, we are the eheapest Wall Paper House in the city. Bemember we have the best Wall Paper Hangers and Decorators In our employ . We would invite Special Attention to our full line of fine Stationery. GEORGE WAHR, Leading Bookseller and Stationer, Opposite Court House, Ann Arbor, Mich. jriMh Patento OETArNEi in . tt. fVAj'VCy&k. Bml n!' fol''n countriM ■■'MXiíyk Examinatious made. Li tmOSöyw censes anti as?if;iimenl ftiïiwTtrj fícTjei Irnwn. Infriiigemmui L?1 if I tl W 1 1 littJÜB lirosecuted in aü Feiie 'al lïf 'J il K T i i INfcdlTOurts. Adiricc and puruÏSi S'l IhI ■rg'IP1'letsfi'eei Scientiflc exYvXlLL.3iifljjy given. No modelsrequirert. $jffify@SFsSir Titós.' s? i'basuk & Son , 37 aíít$V&' Congre8 Street West, NO. 4 W. WASHINGTON ST. House, Sign, Obnauenal and Fresco Painter, jfilding, calciminlng, glazing and paper nang'nr. All work is done in the best styie and warranted to frive satisfaction. Claibvotant Physician, Ha removed to 204 Trumbull Avenue. DetroiU Bspecial attention to the treatment of ohromo