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Washington kITY, Feb. 5. -In the senate yesterday tue credentials of Jacob H. Galliuger as seuator from Xew Hampshire wtre preseuted and filed. Tbe fortifieation appropriation bilí was then considered, a number of committee amendments agreed to, and the bilí passed. The military acaderny appropriatiou bilí was rtported auJ passed, and the pension appropriation bilí taken up, but sent over as uniinished business In t. e house J. A. Owenby, the silver pool witness, was, by resolution, discharged from the custody of tbe sergeantat -aras. ín committee of the whole the !plon;atic and consular appropriation bilí carne up, was laid aside wit h favorable recommendatiou, and the comroíttee proceeded to a consideratíon of the suudry civil appropriatiou bilí. After a long discusión the committee rosa, and the diplomatic appropriation was pissed. Washixgtos City, Feb. 6. - In the ( ateyesterday Ingalls, replying to criticisme upoQ his action as to the cloture rule and the elections bill.said he was opposedtothe rule but not to the bilí, if amended to suit him, and was ready at any time to take ít up and consider it. He scored his critics, and charged them with leading the Republican party to defeat. The pensión appropriation bilí, with all amendments, was passed, and the eight-hour bilí reported. The senate then after an executive session adjourned. The pension bul uppropriates ovrr Í135,000,000. The liouse, after agreeiug to meet at 11 o'clock during the remainder of the session, went into commiltee of the whole on the sundry civil bilí, but without action adiourned. Washington City, Feb. 7.- In the sen ate yesterday the naval appropriation bilí was reporte'!. A resolution was adopted callíng oa the president for the correspondence in referuuee to the killing of Gen. Barrundia. Tlie balance of the session was occupied in discussion of the eighthour law, and an agreetueut reached that a vute shall be taken on the bilí to-day. ïhe house, after some routine business, went into committee of the whole, Payson in the chair, on tbe sundry civil appropriation bill. The pending question was the decisión of the chair upon the point of order raised against .Bland's amendment to ladd a free coinage clause to the bill The ! point of order was that it was not gerj mane to the bill, and the point was sustained. An appeal was tabled -134 to 127. Carter, Townsend of Colorado. Liad. Barj tine, Turner of Kansas, Kelly, Law, Con nell, Herman, Sweet. and Clark, Republicans, voted with the Demócrata agaínst the ruling, and Andrew, Mutchler, Vaux, Spinola, Dunphy, Wiley, and Cluncy, Demócrata, voted witb the Republicans. The bill was debated for the remainder oL the day, and at 6 p. m. the house took a recess to 8. A number of private pension bilis were disposed of at the night session, Washington City, Feb. 9. -The senate Saturday, agreed to an order that during the remainder of the session it shall meet at 11 a. m., sit until 6 p. m., and take a recess until 8 p. m. The eight-hour law was debated all day and a number of;amendments to it were agreed to. Then on Wolcott's motion it was recommitted, but Blair voted aye and immediately moved reconsideration. Pending action, the death of Representative Phelan, of Tennessee, was announced and the senate adjourned. The house, in committee of the whole amended the World's fair paragraph in the sundry civil bill, so a to fix the salary of the director general at $7,500, the president, $5,000; vice president of the execu1 tive coinmittee, $4,CKK); secretar}', $3,000; clerks and stenograpbers, $8,000. Without disposing of the bill the committee rose and the death of Representative Phelan, i of Tennessee, was announced. The house as a mark of respect adjourned. Washington City, Feb. 10.- In the senate yesterday the credentials of Voorhees and Hansbrough as senators f rom the states of Indiana and North Dakota, respectively, were presented and filed. Blair's motion to reconsider the vote recoir.mitting the eight-hour law was rejected and the bill was sent back to the committee on education and labor. The house copyright bill was then taken up and discnssed until 6 p. m., when the senate took a recess until 8 p. m. At that hour the senate went into executive session, and upon reopening the doors it was found that no quorum was present. After a couple of roll-calls without obtaining a quorum the senate adjourned, having done no business. In the liouse, after an unsuccessful effort to consider bilis pertaining to the Dis trict of Columbia, the -undry civil appro priations bill was takenupincommitteeof whole, and after some diseussion passed. The legislative appropriation bill was then taken up, but without dispoing of it the house adjourned. Washington City. Feb. 1 1. - ín the senate yesterday the naval appropriation bill was considered, a number committee amendments were adopted and the bill went over. A message f rom the president in reference to the Barrundia affair was received and referred. Eulogies on the late Representative Walker, of Missouri, were delivered, and the senate as a mark of respect adjourned. Among the bilis passed was one raising the wages of certain employés of thegovernment printing office. In the house the bill for the public building at Dallas, Tex., which was vetoed by tbe president, was reported back and passed over the veto. The legislative appropriation bill was carried into committee of the whole, but without disposing of the bill the house adjourned.