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HaUU pros. DEALERS IN püI])RUGG[STs grol Hair Clippers, Brown & Sharp - $3 50 Horst' " " " " - 3.0a Cieam Shaving Soap - - - .10 Horse Tails Strops, genuine - 35 and 85 Turkish Cosmetic - .15 Water Hones ■ - 50 to 1.0O Germán Yellow Hones - - 50 to 2.50 Razors (Hammer Brand) - 1.25 and 1.50 Mug with Cream Soap - - - .25 JffiANN BROS., 39 S. Main Street, - Ann Arbor, Miclu BOCK BEER . rp 5 W. HURÓN ST. BlBBC3i&T3aBa!rKSïiS!K2TisaiSKsaaEï. To cnre Bilioueness, Sick Headache, Constipation, Malaria, Liver Complaints, taka the saie and certain remedy, SMITH'S BILE BEANS Use the KW ALL Size (4Olittle Beans to th& bottle). They are the most convenient. Suitnblo 11 Ages. Prlce of cither Bizc, 25c. per Bottle. ■ ■ w # ■ ■ ■ Wl Mailed for 4 ets. (coppers or stampa V J.F.SMITK4,C0.MakcrsofEiLEBEA.NS,"ST.L0l!!S MO. Oferta! & Staeir, (Succeseors to Mayer & Co..) GHOCEBIES CROCKERY and GLASSWARE, Cl G ARS and TOBACCO. Cheapssi Place is Town ! Goods delivered free to any part of the City. FRESH BUTTÉR AND EGGS A SPEOIALTY. OVerbeck & SUebler. MILLINERY. I sh 'uld like to announce 10 tbe 1 die of Ani Arbor and v oiniy, that I huv for in ■ 8"ason dow at hand the la-Rest stock and best asaortm ntofhatsin thn latist New York !■ les in Pelt, i luli, Vevct and Benvcr "f all abades AlsoSilk, Plueh, Velyet and Woo'cii Ronnets for Cbildren und L dies- Tips Hrc!s. Winas íd faot the mot com 'lete and finst line of Milltuery in the 'i'y, and il ili'lowes' pricea Soüciliufr your pitron ge, Itespectfully, MRS. ANTÓN OTTO. No. 19 4tb St. HAï IMruiiUI, ,„1 honorabljr, bv tboio of I ownlücliü,-.,lnroverll..yliv.An)' ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■■ ■ ono enn du Ut's worlt. Kiny to letrn. We furnish everytliinp. W tuut y..u. No risk. You ca derot y 'tur 'i' Lu t i, ..i ii I _v m.r o tli work. I tn n entirely iu-w ttnáfnú bríngt wondurful su.-ocii 10 i-vry workeï. BfRlnnrsar9 earnlug frwin SS to VU1 pur week ftml upwurji, and more af-tur a littlo experienc. W .nu furniili vou lltt employment and teach ynn KIÍKK. No spflee to xplaln bcn. Fuft luform.uou rKKK. '1' JHJE fc CO., ilUUSTl,