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Lansing, Mich., Feb. 5.- Bills were introduced in the house yesterday making an appropriation of 1123,000 for the support of the deaf and dumb asyluin; to repeal the act authorizing the appointment of state game and fish warden: to punish fraudulent entries and practices in speed contests; making an appropriation of $58,620 for the support of the state agricultural college. In the senate bilis were introduced making the office of railroad commissioner elective instead of appointive; making mortgage deeds subject to taxation. Res olutious were adopted in both branches for i n investigation of the state public school with especial rc-ference to the case of little Nellie Griffin, ï'ecently murdered by oíd man Can field. Lansing, Mich., Feb. 6.- The legislative commiltpe sent to investígate the Jackson state pnsoii management has returned from the institution. The committee believe that the board has exceeded its powers and should be brought up standing. It is likely that the Iaw goveining the prisoo aud its board will be amended and the latter censured. The Soldiers' Home committee asked for the appointment of a special committee to investígate the manner in which the funds of the home have been expended. The request will be granted. The Kalamazoo asylum committee will visit the asylum to investígate cases of ill treatment charged up against the institution. Lansing, Mich., Feb. 7.- The state board of corrections and charities has called Governor's Winan's attention to the Nellie Griffin murder case, and asks that an investigation be made. The board notified him that at the industrial school for girls at Adrián the Iaw regarding the adoption of children has been violated in the same manner as in the Griffin case, and suggested that an investigation of both institutions be made. The present Iaw requires the county agents to visit adopted children only when directed by the superintendent of the institution from which the children are sent. The board will ask the legislature to so amend the Iaw as to re quire the county agents to visit each child at least once a year. Lansing, Mich., Feb. 11.- Representative Jackson has introduced a sweeping bill in tbe legislature designed to shut off completely the extorting of confessions from prisoners by pólice and prosecuting officers. The bilí provides that no confession obtained from a person in custody under a criminal charge shall be admitted in evidence unless that confession is made in open court. Jackson also introduced a bill authorizing special charter railroads to surrender their charters and to organize under the general Iaw. The bill comes from the Michigan Central road, and was drawn by Henry Russel, attorney for the company. Other Measnres Introduced. A joint resolution introduced in the house yesterday provides that the question of appropriating Í50.00C for the national G. A. R. encampment in Detroit next summer shall be decided by submitting it to a popular vote at the spring election. It is probable that this resolution will pass, although the Detroiters will niake a hard fight against it. Two oíd bilis were presented in the senate yesterday. One prohibits prison wardens from accepting from the convicts under their charge gifts of more than $6 in value, and the other makes it a misdemeanor to cirluate a campaign circular making a personal attack upon any candidato unless the attack is signed by a responsible person.