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New York, Feb. 11.- Gen. W. T. Sherman is confiued to his bed with erysipelas in the face, and his condition is dangerous. Gen. Sherman contracted a severe cold last Wednesday, which developed iuto erysipelas during Sunday. At this serious turn Dr. Charles T. Alexander, United States army, was summoned. Monday the general was iu a serious coudition. Dr. Alexauder remained with the patiënt until 2 o'clock yesterday morning, when Gen. Sherman's condition was considerably improved. Senator John Sherman, his brother, arrived from Washinton City last night. The Senator Visits the General. Senator Sherman visited his brother as soon as he arrived. Later in the evening he proceeded to his hotel. He will visit the bedside again and if the patiënt shows uu symptoms that are unfavorable he will return to Washington City, but will be ready to start for this city at a moment's notice. It was learned last night that Drs. Janeway and Alexander were in the house and would remain all night. At midnight last night it was said that his condition was serious, and that a crisis would probably be reached within twenty-four hours. Not Hopeless, but Serious. Every precaution has been taken to secure the sutïerer from being disturbed. A notice in large letters has been posted at the front door telling callera not to ring the bell. An attendant has been stationed at the door to answer at once the inquiries of many anxious callera. Gen. Sherman's daughter was seen last night and asked about the true facts relative to the general's condition. She said: "His condition to-night is very serious, but not hopeless. The doctors do not look for any change until to-morrow evening at the earliest. Erysipelas has set in and father is suffering a great deal of pain." Hls Family at His Bedside. The general's entire family, with the exception of his son, Rev. T. E. Sherman, a student at the Jesuit Theological seminary, Island of Jersey, are about him. They include the other son, P. T. Sherman, a lawyer of this city, his daughters, Mrs. A. M. Thackara, of Kosemont, Pa.. Mrs. T. W. Fitch, of Pittsburg, and two unmarried daughters who live with him. The General' Latest Appearance. Gen. Sherman's last appearance in public was on Wednesday night of last week, when he occupied one of the proscenium boxes at the Casino and watched Lillian Russeli and tje Casino chorus girls in "Poor Johnathan" wich unfeigned interest. The general caught a bad cold that night and has not left his house since. Gen. Sherman has been almost constantly before the puhlic in a social way during the winter. He was a frequent diner out, and in this regard had become inuch as an acquisition to every great gathering where wit and wisdom and genius assemble as Chauncey Depaw. In almost every distinguished social event he was a central figure. His Age Much Against Him. He celebrated his 70th birthday on the 8th inst.. and his age is one of the things his physicians have most fear of. He is the most distinguished soldier of the late war now living. His brilliant career from the time he took charge of the department of the Cumberland down to the time of his triumphal maren to the sea is familiar to all. Since the close of the war he has been frequently proposed as a candidato for the presidency by friends in the Republican party, but to all such propositions the grim old warrior had given prompt and emphatic refusals. The Latest Keport. At 1:20 o'clock this morning the lightsin the hall of the Sherman residence were turned down low. Miss Rachael Sherman was seen at this hour. She said that her father was at that hour resting quietly, and that Dr. Alexander would remain with him all night as a precautionory measure, not, however, because anything serious was apprehended at once.