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The Rural New-yorker?

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'ï :WHAT is: !■ The MOST TRUSTWORTHY of any paper of its class printed.- J. J. Harrison, of Storrs & Harrison Co. Everybody that is a body, knows of the UNIQTJE INDIVIDUALITY of the Rural along the lines of original experimental investigation.- J. J. H. Gregory. The editor of TnE Rural New-Yorker has opened an entirely NEW FIELD OF IN VESTIG ATION, the possibilities of which cannot be conjectured.- Norman J. Coleman. The Rural New-Yorker has DONE MORE FOR FARMERS than nine-tenths of all the land-grant Colleges and Experiment Stations.- New York Tribune. We have seen on the farm of the editor of The Rural New-Yorker a erop of 134 bushels of shelled corn raised on one acre of land. - American Agriculturist. The Rural New-Yorker illustrates the PROGRESS made by the agricultural class, much of which is due to the inspiration of The Rural New-Yorker, and the papers which follow lts example. - Rt. Gov. E. F. Jones. The Rural New-Yorker has DONE MORE TO PROMOTE THE TRUE INTERESTS OF AGRICULTUBE, than all the experiment stations put together.- The New York Times. It is the BEST farm weekly in the world.- Farm Journal. It maintains a PRACTICAL EXPERIMENT FARM. It originates and GIVES AWAY CHOICE SEEDS AND PLANTS, worth $2=to $3 to each subscriber. It is NATIONAL in character, and for all sections. $2.00 a Year. On Trial, four weeks, 10 Cents. The Rukal Publishing Co., Times Building, New York. The Rural New-Yorker in club with the [Name of your paper here, if desired], Both one year for only $ Êg Send all orders for club subscriptions to the office of the [name of your paper]. Specimen copies of The Rural may be seen at this office.