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Elected To The School Board

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Our oíd time townsman, Gilbert S. Pitkin; has been elected to office in his home, Petrolia, Ontario. ín fact he is a full pledged member of the school board. The Petrolia Topic of last Friday says: The most interesting municipal election that has ever presented itself in the Town of Petrolia since its inception was held in Ward No. 3 yesterday. The candidates - Messrs. John Mackenzie and G. S. Pitkin - were enthusiastic and their friends equally so, and from the fact that out of 238 votes 225 were polled, of which Mr. Pitkin received 132 and Mr. Mackenzie 93. The result of this vote is certainly flattering to Mr. Pitkin, who is a young man and a strong factor in the interests he at any time undertakes. This infusión of young blood into our Public School Board will no doubt be followed with beneficial results.