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Who's got the Key? Don't forget to attend the ward caucuses to-morrow night. The democratie county convention will be held in this city Thursday. During January the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti street railway carried 15,000 passengers. During January, ten milis and elevators in this county purchased 32,112 bushels of wheat. The council held a half hour meeting last evening with all the alderman but two present. The board of public works has been called upon to report the cost of a stone crusher to the council. Adolph Kemper has sued the city for $3,000 damages for trespass in lowering the grade of North Fffth avenue. The council last night gave an ordinance amending the ordinance relative to disorderly houses the first reading, The Ann Arbor street railway company has filed an acceptance of the ordinance providing for the extensión of its lines. Six state erop reporters thought wheat had been injured somewhat in this county during January and eleven thought it had not. Christian Mast is spending thirty days in jail. He was drunk on Ashley street and Justice Pond made him a present of thirty days. The young people of the fifth ward Sunday school will give an entertainment for the benefit of the school, Friday evening. Admission ten cents. Asa Bacon, who has been a resident of Ann Arbor for the past three years, has moved on the Hickman farm, four or five miles miles south of town. - Grass Lake News. William H. Kordes died at his home on Pontiac street last Saturday of inffammation of the lungs, aged eighty-six years. The funeral serviees will be held at three o'clock this afternoon from his late residence. Plans for Commencement are already being made. One of the features of last year's commencement exercises was the address of Justice Harían to the law students. An equally fine thing is in store for them this year. Hon Thomas F. Bayard has been secured to deliver the annual address befóre the law students and alumni on Wednesday, June 24th. Some sports of Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti held a cock-fight in this city last night. The Ann Arbor birds won every round, killing four Ypsilanti birds, and knocking out two others. This should not be allowed. If Ann Arbor roosters can beat Ypsilanti we want the officers of the law to interfere, and stop the barbarous sport. - Ypsilanti Commercial. William Campbell, E. F. Mills and Sidney W. Clarkson were instaled as elders in the Presbyterian church last Sunday. Who'sgottheKey? Fre"d S. Schaible has begun suit in the circuit court against the Lake Shore railroad for $10,000 damages. In his declaration Schaible sets forth that he was working as a section hand on a switch at Manchester on May 31, 1890, when he was struck by a car which ran over the heel of his left foot and his right leg, that the train was at the time in the charge of a fireman instead of an engineer. At a meeting of the Carpenter's Union No. 85, of Ann Arbor, February 16, 1891, it was unanimously decided to vigorously push the nine. hour work day already decided upon. Mass meetings will be held during the next two months. The first is called for Wednesday evening of this week, which any and all interested in this great move are invited to attend. This invitation is given to the contractors as well as the journeymen carpenters. Also there will be a mass meeting Friday night, Feb. 27, '91, when speakers f rom abroad will be present. The Sentinel gives us some idea of how they are talking in Ypsilanti, when it says: The great success of the Motor Line is stimulating discussion of other like enterprises, and lines from this city to Plymouth, to Dentón, Belleville, Willis, Milan and Saline, are talked about, with opinión favorable to the probable construction and profitable operation of some of them. The Ann Arbor trains make very reliable time, and the business holds up well. The Sunday morning trains are taken off, which is the only change. A waiting room is provided at the rear of Hewett Block, with a lunch counter. Who's got the Key?