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There's a patent medicine which is not a patent medicine- paraoxical as that inay sound. It's a discovery! the golden discovery of medical science! It's the medicine f or you- tired, rundown, exhausted, nerve-wasted men and women; foryou suflferers f rom diseases of skin or scalp, liver or lungs - its chance is with every one, its season always, because it aims to purify the fountain of life- the blood- upon which all such diseases depend. The medicine is Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. The makers of it have enough confidence in it to sell it on trial.- That is- you can et it f rom your drnggist, and if it doesn't do, what it's claimed to do, you can get your money back, every cent of it. That's what its makers cali taking the risk of their words. OEEDBARLEY FOB SALE.- Germán seed barley and vwo Poland China breedtng 8OW8 for saleby Chas. Klager three miles south of Ann Arbor on the town line between Lodi au dScio. 13- 1T GRAÑD OPERA HOUSE Wednesday Evening, Feb. 18th. Engagement of the Favorite AmeJican Actress, EFFXE ELLSLER Suppoited by her own Company, including Mr. Frank Weston, In her latest successful creatlon, "miss iaiihg; A New American Comedy. Popular Prices, 35c, 50c, 75c. Seats on Sale at Postoffice Newstand. The Press (NEW YORK) FOÏ 1891. DAILY. SUNDAY. WEEKLY. 9 pages, lc. 20 pages, 4c. 8 or 10 pages, 2e. The Aggressive Eepublican Journal Of the Metroüolis A BEWSPAPBR FOK THE MASSES Founded December l6t, 1887. Circulation over 100,000 copies 1DJLXJLTZ-The Press ia the organ of no faction; pulls no wlres; has no animosities to avenge. The most remarkable Newspaper Suceess in New York. The Press is a National Newspaper Cheap news, vulgar sensauons and trash flnd no place in the columns of The Press. The Press has the brightest Editorial page in New York. It sparkles with points. The Pkess Sunday Edition íb a splendic wenty page paper, covering every curren topic of interest. The Press Weikly Edition contains all the good tnings of the Daily and Sunday editions Forthose who cannot afford the Daily o are prevented by distance f rom early receiv ing it, The Weekxy is a splendid substitute. AS AN ADVERTISING MEDIUM The Pkess has no superior in New York. THE PRESS. Within the reach of aü. The hest and cheapes Newspaper publislied in America. Daily and Sunday, one "Ï ear, $5.0C " " " 6 months, 25 .. .. one " 4 " only, one Year, 3 O " " fourraonths, 1OC Sunday, one Year, 2.00 Weekly Press, one year, 1.00 Send íor The Press Circular. Samples íree. Agenta wanted everywhere. Liberal commissions. Address, THE PRESS. Potter Building, 38 Park Eow. New York. TRUCK l STORÁGE. Now we are ready with a NEWBRICKSi'OREHOUSE for the storage of household goods, pianoB, books, stoves. etc . Moving of househeld gooda and pianos caretully done. All kinds of heavy and lightdraying. Freight work. C. E. GODFREV. Residence and ofBce 46 i'ourth Avenue North. T"Telephone 82._ D. W. AMSDEX, -Dealer in- FLOUR, KEKD, COAL, AND ALL KINDS OF HARD AND SOFT WOOD, BALED HAT AND STRAW. Aleo Linseed 011 Meal an excellent feed for etoek. No. 33 East Huron Street, next to Firemen's Hall AGENTS 1 ENTIRELY WANTED I "S NEW BOOK The most wonderful collection of practical, real vahie and every-day use for the people ever publisned oq the lobe. A marvel of money-8avingr and money-e;irning for every oneowninglt. ThousandBOf beautiful, helpful enirravinga, showing justhow todo everythlng. No competition; nothing like it in the universe When you select that which is of true valué, sales are sure. All sincerely desiriusr pajing employment and lookiug forsomething thoroughly flrst-class at an extraordinary low price, snould write for description and terms on the most remarkable aehievement in bookinak-ing slnce the world began. BCA MM ELL & CÖ . Box 500Í ST.LOÜI8 or PHLlADRLPHIA..