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He Finished The Prayer

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The Rev. W. H. Holmes, of the Methodist church of Sonth Evanston, was notified wbile conducting prayer meeting Tnesday night that a burglar was raneacking the parsonage next door. but he did not let it di.sturb his devotions. He had left his 5-year-old son alone in the honse, and the boy was lying on a sofa when he saw a strange inan enter. He maintained his preseirce of mind and pretended to be asleep until tho man had passed out of the room and gone upstairs. Then he jumped up and ran to the church. Mr. Holmes was in the ïaiddle of a prayer when he was startled by the exclamation: "Papa, there's a strange man in the house!" The minister hesitated for a moment and then cahnly finished the prayer, betraying no sign of excitement. Mrs. Holmes, however, hurried out of the church, followed by three young men of the congregation. They hastened to the house, bat the thief evidenüy saw them coming, for he departed by the back door as they entered the front. The young men gave chaee, however, and overtook him, bnt faüed to hold him. He broke away from them af ter a strnggle and suceeeded in making his escape. The party then returned to the prayei meeting and continued the service. The thief was interrupted before he had secvtred anything of valne, although he had gene thrcragh some of the drawers of a bureau that contained many