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"Boys," exeitedly exclairaed the managing editor, rushing into the local room of a Chicago morning paper late one night in 1888, "here's the chance of your life to distinguish yonrselves- forty men and women burntd to death in an asylum fire in D . Want two of you to go there on a special train and cover the thing as complete) y as possible until we get a relief down to you." The only men on duty at that hour were a couple of recent arrivals from "Lunnon." They were whirled down to the train and put on a special car. Away went the train through the night to the seene of the disaster. "I say, Cholley," No. 1 broke out after a short interval of silence, "did you hearhim say he expected us to distinguish ourseLes ? Wonder what he intends to do by us when we get back?" "I heard one of the boys, don't ye know, saying that the health of the editor wasn't good. They may want asuccessor tohim." While tbey pursued this interesting topic the train pursued its course, and two hours later the young Englishmen, after much consultation, started toward Chicago a telegram reading like this: "Dear Mr. Editor: We are here. What shall we do?" The answer came back shortly, "Find out where the fire is hottest and jumu in."


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