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A Bitter Philippic

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John N. Bailey, formerly proprietor of this paper, has just started a paper in Auburn, New York, his old home, called the Auburn Argus. From a number of papers received from Cayuga county, it is evident that he has stirred a hornet's nest in that locality. As an evidence of what they are saying about him, we quote the following from the Moravia Register, the other articles, if anything, being worse and more of it. Oh, nol The pompous editor of the Auburn Patent In'ards is mistaken when he thinks we object to his coming to Cayuga county, after having played out in Ann Arbor, Mich., or that we are grieved over the birth of his alleged paper. On the contrary, we rather welcome the gentleman, even with his conceit and pomposity, for we are going to have some fun with him right along now. What we objected to, and all we objected to, was, that he, an editorial and political bánkrupt, should come here with a lie in his mouth, assuming to be the democratie deity of Cayuga county, and through falsehood and misrepresentation undertake to build himself up on the ruins of somebody whom he hopes to pull down. He doesn't seem to know that since he left the county a dozen years ago, the people have learned to love the truth as given them by their local press; nor does he seem to know that the time has come when vain conceit and bombastic egotism will no longer pass current for superior wisdom, and editorial greatness, as when he last inhabited the county. Time will teach him these things. Mr. Bailey compares his own prose to "an able and polished oratorical effort," and speaks of his Patent In'ards as a "neat-ly printed largelv-localized and well-edited newspaper." How is that for egotism and self-conceit? These are the principal elements of his existence, and manifest themselves in every line of his sheet. Too much gas, an over-inflation and a final collapse, are his only great danger. By the way, we congratúlate the windy editor upon the addition of another column to those "cheap quack advertisements"to hisin'ards, and though he gets nothing for it, it helps to give tone and character to the concern. We are sorry Bailey did not bring with him some certificates of charter from Ann Arbor, and the Washtenaw county democracy, as we think they would be interesting reading her.e in Cayuga county. As soon as we hear from our agents who are collecting affidavits and material in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Manchester and other places, we shall be able to give our readers some, thriliing incidents of this gentleman's political heroism in the past.