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The Use Of Hars!), Jraatlo pUvffi'.ives to relieve costive. .1 ililllgèruu ,.- i Uo , and inoro lia'nK' to tasten the oii ihe iiatiem Uuui to cura ii. W.nt is tieeued [3 1 mudiclne mat, i:i efïectually opening rhe bowels, cerrectis tiiö eostfve :ni" ;;i i estabUshes a natural ü.iiiy actioit; Sneu ui .j Tieut is fouml in AyQï's Pclls, whl ' ction, strengthen mui ■■■ áiid exci'etory (.■ ; U1S. " Kor eight years 1 was áOÚcted wlth coasMpation, whlsli at last liecaine so bad that til dostors could do in more for më. Tlien 1 ■■■!■. to take Ayer's Tills, aiui soon the Dowela !;itame regulai1 and natural in ttieir m.)vfinents. I am now in excellent healtli." - Win. H. üeJ,ancett, Dorset, Ont. " WHen 1 li'vl the noed of a catliarlic, I Ui!c' Ayer's Pllls, am] Lud them to be more Effecíáve Umi; any other plll I evor toolc"- Mrs. B. C. (iniub, RurWellvlTla, Va. '■ For yesirs I lixve been subject to constiIKitiuii and neryous headaelies. caused by dcrangement of thi liver. After taking various remedies, I have hecome convlncort that Ayer's Pilis are the best. Tliey have never failed to relieve my .ilious attacks 11 a short tima; and I am snre my system relains fts tone longef after the use of these Pllls, than has heen the case wltli any other medicine I have tried."-H. S. Sledge, Weimar, Texas. Ayeres Pilis, PREPARED BY Er. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass. Sold by all Dealers in Medicine. Rubber Shoes tmless woru -nncomfortably üghr generaliy slip olï the Iot. THE "COLCHESTTTv" RUBBEB Cf make all their shoos witn lns'fie or bfo Mne1 wt rubber. This clin.s to the and . ■ ■ ■ i rubler rrom aUpping off Oali Jor 'he ' owv "ADHE8ÏVES GOttNTC! . FOR SALE BY Wm. Allaby. John Bur, Doty & Feiner L. Qruner, W. Reiniardt & 'o.. A D. Seyler & Son, IIIMl A SEAiitH ! EAfflï, bi AN1 L0 F S SREAD, CRACKER-., CAKtv a For Wholesale or Retail Ir - KIÏ3Ï f ■.■- GOLD DUST FLOUH I. M. Swlft A Üü.b Best Whlt. v Flour, Rye Flour. Buckwheat Floui Corn Meal. "wd. .. fe; vAf Whk( -i"ii Kei i iROOEE nisi.intK '!■ French Hand-Made RON BONS 25c Box. Put up in 1 Ib. Fancy Boxes. soLp eVeryWmIere At 40c and 50c. MADE EVERY DAY. 28 South Main Street. rnlSr á?r ir i I iTr