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The farmers' movement is thoroughlj educational. In its social aspect it recognizes the isolation of the farmer with the resnlting evils, and attempte to overeóme that isolation. In its financial aspect it is a protest against present methods of centralizatdon, and an attempt to restore the industrial equilibrium which has been destroyed by the combination and trost, by securing a fair ratio in th eichange of raw prodncts for finishet commodities. In its relation to citizenship it strive to develop an edncated farm yeomanrj who will cast conscientious ballots no merely for the party brand, but for the home and the native land. Henee i aims to break down isolation and distrust, and substituto an edncated farm sentiment and farm leadership. It recog nizes that present conditions are the natural outgrowth of having intrnstec the government to those who preferrec private interest to general welfare when private interest and general welfare clashed. It seeks justice through moráis and evolution. In its political aspect it is a protesi against bonrbonism, bossism, corrapion at the polls and class legislation whether McKinleyism or other class ism. 't is a movement in favor of the same wotection to the farm as is accorded to