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A Vessel In Two Parts

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A vessel constructed on the sliores cf Lake Michigan was recentl)' floated down to the sea in two sections. The conrse was through the Weiland canal, down Lake Ontario and on to Montreal, which was reached in eleven days. The after section of the ship, containing the machinery, had steam in one boiler and backed at the rate of seventy revolutions per minute, steaming stern íirst, while the forward section followed in charge of two tugs. On arriving at Montrea: the two sections were placed on greased ways in a dry dock, and when the parts were closed in upon each other the butts came together so closely that a knife blade could not be inserted between the plates. The re-riveting was accomplished with facility in the usual way, anc the vessel was floated out of the dock a complete huil, def ying the eye of any expert to teil where the junction had been