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No. 23. - Charade. I know iíftou vill eat my first, Yoa'll find it good beyond a doubt, But if you kext ifc stay too long Upon the íire you'Jl find it spoiled, And when the two you have combined, I guarantee that you will find A prince unsettled in his mind. No. 9t. - Doublé Acrostic. The primáis and fináis are words of much the same meaning; yet, according to an oíd proverb, the more we have of the ormer the less we are apt to have of the atter: 1. For wondrous feats of strengtb renowned. 2. A royal dame by me was slain. 3. A brílliant city on me stands. 4. For mortal man I never wait. 5. Six of this name England have ruled. o. 25. - Absent Vowels. Swlvndtsttsfrtgpr; Swpcndrptshrvstbrght; Swsnbmsnthrckndmr, Ndfndhrvsthmflght. Sapply the missing vowels. Nu. 86.- Pi. Three well known American actors: 1. Ebacruererwttal. 2. Eyrixdnheye. 3. Tdheonpmmosnrm. No. 27. - Anagram. O TOM'S INVEMIONS Ii AHEAD. Every day there' something new In the line of great inventions, Though there are many who Make naught but big pretensions, But COMPLKTE, he leads them all In inventions large or small, As is natural he should do. No. 28.- Fictorial Pynuuid. Arrange the ñames of the symbols in the following order, as numbered in the picture: O o O o o o O o o o o o O o o o 0000O0000 00000O00000 ooooooOoooooo The central letters, spel led downward, form the name of a species of lynx, a nati ve of África, India, Persia and Turkey. No. ÍÍ9. - Lasy Diamoods. 1. A letter: a weight; a precious stone; to seize; a letter. 2. A letter; unrefined metal; sublime; a conclusión; a letter. No. 30. - ISroken Digheg. 1. Did you hear music upon the violiu as you carne by Mr. Dent's? 2. No, I heard sauce rather than music. 3. See, painted on that slab, owls and bats! 4. Come, Nellie, and help me pit cherries for my pies. A Card Trick. An easy trick is that of discovering a given card. One method of doing it is to deal the cards into three packs, face upward, and request a spectator to note a card and remember in which heap it is. When you have dealt twenty-one cards throw the rest aside, these not being required in the trick. Ask in which heap the chosen card is, and placing that heap between the otber two deal again as before. Again ask the question, place the heap indieated in the middle, and deal again a third time. Note particnlarly the fourth or middle oard of each heap, as one of those three cards will be the card thouRht of. Ask for the last time in whieh heap the chosen card now is, when you may be certain that it is the card which you noted is being the middle card of that heap. This same result can be produced with any number of cards, so long as such number is odd and a multiple of three. The middle card in the last heap iudicated will always be the chosen card. Key to the Puzzler. No. 16. - A trianele: M W E A w N S u e D H i n g E I s r a e L N o x i o u S G a, 1 o s h e S Timbucto O Outstretc H NegotiatioN Nos. 1 to 11. Mendelssohn. Nos. 12 to 21. Washington. No. 17. - Rebus with Doublé Answer: All aboard- all over-board. No. 18.- Charade: Clod-hopper. No. 19. - Coinbination Puzzle: (TENT con j. tkst (tsxt No. 20. - Word Syncopations: S(imp)ly. S(car)iug. St(art)ing. S(addjled. S(pin)et. Append(age)s. Wh(err)y. De(can)ter. G(ask)ins. Centráis: Mardi Gras. No. 21.- A star: T H E T H R O W E R E O C E N E W E L D S ENDITE R E S T I N G E N G No. 22. - Corn of various kinds. 1. Unicom. 2. Acora. 3. Scorn. 4. Cornice. 5. Oonmcctó-a. ft Coruet. 7. Corner.


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