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Next Wednesday the life of the present Congress expires. Congressman Allen may then retire from public life and resume the practice of law in this county. The 1890 census shows that there are 9)595 more convicts in the prisons of the country than there were in 1880. Of the 45,233 convicts only 1,791 are women. The Evening Times says that Blaine could carry every western state. What the Times man doesn't know about politics would probably f511 a small sized book. Blaine came very near losing Michigan in 1884. ROBERT M. MONTGOMERY, of Grand Rapids, was nominated by the republicans for supreme court judge, Tuesday. It is a respectable nomination, but Montgomery will not be supreme court judge this time, because the democrats have nominated a better man. The Press, the New York protection organ, praises up the McKinley bill because eggs dropped in price from 36 cents a dozen a few weeks ago to 16 cents a dozen last week. What earthly effect has the McKinley bill on the usual fluctuation in the price of eggs ? And how does this drop in the price benefit the producer? The center of population of the United States has moved from a point eight miles southwest of Cincinnati in 1880, to Greensburg, Indiana; or sixty miles northwest. In 1790, the center of population was twenty-three miles east of Baltimore. It has since been steadily moving westward. "Westward the star of empire takes its way." The contest for senator in the Illinois legislature still drags its weary length along. It has cost the state thousands upon thousands of money. Nothing has been done in the way of legislation yet, and there is yet nothing to show for the $100,000 spent by the state in its endeavor to elect a senator, and yet the legislators for Palmer received nearly 78,000 more votes than the republican legislators. Rhode Island elected a democrat to Congress last Saturday, by 5,600 majority. Rhode Island now has a solid democratie delegation in the next congress, and as the democrats have been successful in that state since the last presidential election, it looks as if Rhode Island might be put down in 1892 as a probable democratie state. It has been kept in the republican ranks so long by a constitutional provisiĆ³n which disfranchised many laborers. This restriction has been removed by the democrats.