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Governor Abbett And The Jersey Farmers

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The annual messajp of Governor Abbett. which is a comprehensiva review of the public affairs of New Jersey, dwells at great lengtli upon the conditions which aiïect the farming industry of liis fctate. These conditions,whict bave been made the subject of investígation by a special commission, are anything but checring, although tliey do nol differ materially from the prevailing agricultural couditions in Pennsylvanis and other eastern states. Goveraor Ab 1 tt reaifirnis the statement of the commiasion that farm land has fallen ii valué in New Jersey about 40 per cent within the last fif teen or twenty years. but he derives eome consolation from the fact that the value of land per ac is higher in New Jersey than i t ia in anj other state in the Union. Governor Abbett admits that grain raising is no longer profitable in New Jersey, and finds that the fannera ar obliged to compénsate themselves witli the cultivation of vegetables and fruits with the rearing of cattle and with th dairy industries. But the great depre ciation of land values in the state indicates plamly enough that the farmerf have nofc found in these substi tutes sufficient coinpensation for the loss of formei profits in wheat raising. Chief arnong the causes to which Governor Abbott refevs the agricultural depression in New Jersey are tmequal taxation, c-tate and federal; unjust discrimiuation in freight charges; barl roads anc