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The Brotherhood Of Man

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Newspaper readers, no doubt, are gen erally aware that the Alliance farmers have been derided as "hayseed social tets," and that their proposals have been commonly criticised as socialistic, bu it is not so much their speoific propo sitions, however radical, as the tone anc language of their papers, their campaigr orators and their campaign songs, which give an adequate idea of the thoroughly revolutionary spirit of these men. The Alliance press and platform have indeed constantly declared thrvt the de manda they now make are but the firs steps of a radical new departure, the first blows in a fight which is to en( only in the total overthrow of the mone; power, the destruction of private monop olies in all f orms and a general remodel ing of the industrial system on the basi of equality and fraternity. Especially in Kansas and Nebraska which may be considered the moral een ters of the movement, the watohword o the campaign seems to have been tha rallying cry raised today by the oppressec in every land, ' ' The brotherhood of man. '