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WAsniNGTON City, Feb. 20.- In the senate yesterday Ingalls, in a brief address, tendered his rcsignatiou as president pro tem. of the senate, to take effect on the election of his successor. The credentlals of Vanee as senator from North Girolina for the term beginning Ma rob 4 next were iiled. Several bilis of aa uuimportaiit nature were pawsed, after whicli the Indian depre lntion i 1 1 wasdlscussed and passed. The Nicaragua c;inal bill was made the uoiimsheJ business. At Op. m. the senate lirijourned, The nouse, after consuming thrpo hours in the diaposition of a claim bill, went into commituie of the whole on the postoffice appropriation bill. Without disposing oí the bill the house, at 6 p. m., took a recess uutil 8 o'clock last night, the night sesiou to be for the consideration of the immigration bill. Little progress was made on the bill at the night sessiou. Washington City, Feb. 21.- The senate yesterday passed 130 pension bilis, and after other business of a routine nature proceeded with the consideration of the Nicaragua canal bill. Vest made a long speech in opposition to the bill, taking the grouud that the Bulwer-Clayton treaty between the United States and Great Britain was still in force. Without action ' the senate adjourned. In the house Cannon reported from the committee on rules a resolution for the immediate consideration of business reported by the committee on judiciary. Demócrata filibustered, because Cannon announced that he would move the previous question on each bill and cut off debate, but the resolution was Hnally adopted. The bill for the relief of the supreme court was taken up, senate amendments non-concurred in, and a conference ordered. The bill to fix salaries of district judges of the United States wa-s then taken up, but without action recess to 8 p. m. was taken. At the evening session 113 private pensiou bilis were passed. Washington City, Feb. 23 -The senate Saturday passed a bill prohibiting bookmaking or pool-selling in Washington City or Georgetown, or within one mile of the boundaries of those cities. An amendment to extend the provisious "f the bill to the whole District, which would include the race course, was disagreed to. The suudry civil appropriation bill was reported. The Nicaragua canal bill was considered, but no action on the bill was taken. The conference report on the navy appropriation bill was presented and agreed to. The house got into a snarl over the approval of the Journal and three hours were consumed before the question was settled. The senate bill fixing the salariesof United States district judges at $5,000 per annum was then taken up and, after brief discussion, passed. The postoffice appropriation bill was taken up in committee of the whole and after debate laid aside with favorable recommendation. The deficiency bill was then taken up. The Democrats iusisted that it be read, and then a long debate took place as to when it should be voted on. No conclusión w? reached, and it was 9 p. m. before the house adjourned. Washington City, Feb. 24.- In the senate yesterday a number of petitions were presented and referred. The credentials of Platt and Jones of Arkausas, for the term beginning March 4 next, were filed. There was quite a discussion over a proposition to print 100,000 copies of the agricutural report on "Diseases of the Horse," but finally an amendment fixing the number of copies at 50,000 was agreed to. An executive session was held, and when the doors reopened the sundry civil appropriatiou biü was resumed until 6 p. m., when recess was taken to 8 o'clock. At the night session an amendment to the bill appropriating $10,000 to the family of the late Professor Joseph Henry, of Smithsonian Institute fame, was adopted, 115 pages of the bill disposed of, and at 11 p. m. the senate adjourned. In the house the Journal was read and approved without objection on the part of the Democrats. The conference report on the bill providing for the allotment of lands in severalty to the Indians was agreed to. The house then went into committee of the whole on the deficiency appropriation bill, but without disposing of it the committee rose. The posto ffice appropriation bill was passed, and the house na., when recess was taken to 8. When called to order at night the immigration bill was considered in committee. An amendment v. as adopted giving refuge to "political" ofïenders, the bill reported to the house, the previous questiou ordered on it and a substitute offered by Oates, and the house adjourned. Washington City, Feb. 25.- In the senate yesterday the sundry civil appropriation bill was considered and several amendments adopted, and then Cameron presented resolutions of sorrow at the death of the late Representativo Watson, of Pennsylvania. Eulogies were delivered and the senate, as a further mark of respect, adjourned. The house, after routine business, took up the direct tax bill and after a long discussiou, it was amended, passed, and i conference committee appointed. The conference report on the naval appropriation bill was agreed to, and the house adjourned.