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Geotvt! S. Kina, a Sngináw citizen, tbinks Ije's solved the airship problem. King has seen 60 BUmmera and is old enough to know what he's talking about, but for all that muy never be able to navigate the ether blue. The ice traae may 'e ■. cool business, but an Adrián dealer warined up his bank account by the addition of 10,000 elegant dollars from the praats of last season's business, and it wasn't an extra good year for ice, either. While milking a Big Rapids cow, John Watson dropped dead, knocking over a lighted lantern. Had the light not been extinguished by the fall, John's body, the cow and the barn would surely have been cremated. Michigan's lumber product for 1890 aggregates nearly five and a half billionfeet, valued at $"0,000,000. Albert Snover, a Port Huron party, was given a severe whack by an electric car last June, and being unable to convince the coinpany that lie was injured $10,000 worth, has begun suit to recover that ainount with the aid of the strong arm of the law. Saginaw's mouth is watering these days over the prospect of a $200,000 brewery being plauted in that city in the spring. The presentation of "Pinafore" by Bay City amateurs resulted iu adding $1,000 charitable dollars to the coffers of the children's home. The Kalamuzoo Buggy company wants $50,000 from the Americau Wheel company on account of alloged breach of contract, growing out tf an advance in prices made by the wheel trust. Martin Frey and Sylvester A. June. Kalamazoo people, owned a watch and a revolver which they proposed to swap. While June was examining the revolver, it was discharged, the bullet passing through Mrs. Frey's heart, killing her instantly. S. J. McNally, of Harrisville, lost a lot of lumber at the time of Colwell's mili fire in that burg, and McNally brought suit against Colwell for damages, alleging carelessness on the part of the latter. The jury gave plaintiff ajudgment for $3,636, and the case will go to the supreme court. Eddie Vanouck, a Sand Beach lad of 15 years, may never be president oL this great republic, but he's taken a large rail-splittiug contract, just the same, and is mauling the job. The order of Good Templars is flourishing in ttiis state, twenty-nine new lodges having been established skico the beginning of '91. Water will become temporarily fashionable, as a beverage, in some places. A Paw Paw gentleman is the owner of an old-fashioned wooden clock that's ticked with the greatest regularity for the past 100 years, and is still thé best timepiece of the town. Naubinway's census figures include thirteen grass widows, all of whom, as far as known, are wilün' to try another partner. Big Rapids has a faotory that a daily average of 40,000 hoops. George Rogers, a Blissfield boy, partook of canned lobsters and was a corpse tweaty-four hours later. The can and centents had made a poisonous compound. A cherry tree in blossom was a somewhat out-of-saason spectacle witnessed at Tekonsha a few days since. When Thomas McDonald was wealthy he had many friends, but reverses caine and the friends departed likewise. Thomas died in the Saginaw hospital recently, aged 100 years, and is now beyond the frowns of fortune. The talk about old ruDber being used in the manufacture of chewing gum appears to be no joke, as a car load of the stuft was receutly shipped from Ispheming direct to one of the largest gum factories of the country. Six churches are to be built at Ispheming the coming summer, ranging from the modest $3,000 structure to the more pretentious $15,000 edifice. The brutally revolting murders that have occurred in this state since Jan. 1 are stirring up the problem of capital punishment, and many petitions, asking for the restoration of the death penalty, will be presented to the legislature. Pontiac asylum, with its 985 patients, is full to overflowing. Cheboygan county has a new town with a lot of good folks and the name of New Jerusalem. L. T. Gaylord is a Shelby citizen who claims to have assisted Jay Gould in engineering an ox team in the long ago. Jay quit that sort of engineering, however, early in life and took to a less laborious and surer means of obtaining a luxurious livelihood. George L. Waite and Melissa Runner, Branch county people who've each seen more'n half a century of this world, mar ried recently, making the third matrimonial partner for each. James Butler, the Jackson chap who escaped from 1he local bastile and took a Canadian trip, and was afterward brought back by an officer, has been convicted ot burglary and gets eight years in the Jackson prison. Work is being pushed on Owosso's new factory as rapidly as 200 men can do it. The building will be 80x250 feet and three stories in height, and a big eff ort made to complete it in one week. Some of the St. Ignace chaps whose accounts were advertised for sale by a local merchant, are hot about it; but the man of business gets back at 'em by sayingthat they were given abundant time in which to whack up and thereby avoid the deadbeat imputation. Mrs. Elizabeth Shepard made the acquaintance of a treacherous Hastings sidewalk, and the jury that tried the case decided that 'twas worth $1,900 to her, under the circumstances. Bay City carpenters have decided that they'll inaugúrate a strike about April 1, unless the contractors of that town concede a nine-hour day. Repairs to the amount of $50,000 are to be made on the Bancroft house at Saginaw, which will give the Consolidated city something of a modern hotel. Estimated that not far from 500,000,000 feet of pine logs will be cut on the Menominee river this winter. John Monks, a Belleville citizen, had an arm taken ofE t'other day quicker'n a spry doctor could have done it, and just aa slick, by a buzz saw. Manising, a station on the Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic, has increased her school population 600 per cent. the past year, which indicates a big boom. John Torrent, a wealthy Muskegon lumberman and extensive dealer in Chicago real estáte, will bnild a $50,000 residence in th iormex city the coming season. 'Twill probably bu the flnest residence in Muskegon.